Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Joyfully expecting a new arrival

You know you are very pregnant when:

* Elderly ladies offer to carry your grocery bags for you. Nothing like it to make you feel totally incapable! :o)
* You tell your mother over the phone that you need to go and hang the laundry, and she says, "Oy. Be careful!!"
* People offer you a lift when you are on your evening walk just to get a little exercise. Happens to me all the time these days. I suppose that, as much as I like to indulge myself with the thought that I'm energetic and in good shape, my waddle looks pitiful.

I am enjoying this very special time, just a few weeks before my due date, and would like to take advantage of this opportunity to pass my best, warmest wishes to other expectant Mommies.

Kelly, from the interesting "Generation Cedar" blog (one of my favorite reads), is a homeschooling Mom to seven dear children and is currently expecting another darling little one. I always love reading Kelly's thoughts on homeschooling and raising children.

Crystal Paine is expecting her third child, and recently published many practical, helpful posts about keeping things real and under control, even through the nausea, tiredness and lack of energy many ladies experience during pregnancy. I was happy to read Crystal is feeling better now that she is past her first trimester - way to go, Crystal!

Dear Jewels, in her most recent post, shared with us the happy news that her oldest son and his wife, Claire, are expecting another addition to their young family. Their two beautiful girls now can look forward to a little brother or sister - what a blessing. I look forward to reading further updates on Claire's pregnancy.

I'm also very thrilled for Bethany, a young mother of a sweet baby girl, who is expecting her second child. May this time of your life be abundantly blessed! Bethany recently shared her perspective on pregnancy and childbirth in this fascinating post.

Many blessings to any young, or older moms (and grandmoms!) who are reading this. Many of you have been a "support group" to me during the past months, and your experience, advice and friendship are of a tremendous value to me. Thank you for all the kindness you have displayed towards our little family; thank you for sharing your lives through this very imperfect method of communication - blogging and emailing. My life has been made richer through daily contact with all of you, and even though I couldn't respond to all your comments, do know that I have been incredibly blessed by reading each and every one of them.

Photo: me at a beach trip today, with Mom and a cousin. It was a very warm December day, but the beach was nearly stranded except for a few old men with their fishing rods.


Rose said...

You look so nice. It must have been nice to go to the beach in December, of course, I have not been outside the U.S., so I don't know anything about Israel's climate.

You have not mentioned anything about getting ready for Hannukah, are you getting excited?

Bethany Hudson said...

Anna, thank you for your good wishes for this pregnancy. And, I can so relate to your anecdotes at the tops of the page. I wonder what those who were offerring to carry my bags for me during my first pregnancy would think now when I'm lugging three grocery bags on one arm and a toddler on my other hip up the stairs to our third story condo! I definitely remember the "pitiful waddle," too! Oh, it was so funny. I'm sort of looking forward to it again. :) What's the fun in pregnancy and life if you can't laugh at yourself?


Kelly said...

It was nice to stop by and visit your blog again today. I don't always have time to just visit blogs that I enjoy visiting. Yours is always an educational experience for me. Thank you.

Ways of Zion said...

you look great! enjoy these few last weeks. Our lil one is now 8 mths and is no longer a lil wee babe but crawling around and getting into everything. Makes me long for another little one!

Blessing to you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anna, I just wanted to let you know that you really look pretty in that picture! It just goes to show that modest clothing is NOT necessarily ugly. With best wishes, Claudia

Emily G. said...

You have such a pretty baby belly!

My little, late Christmas gift is due January 23rd. I am getting so excited (alternating with nervousness...). I can't wait to meet this baby who has been poking and kicking me all these months!

Karen said...

Nice to see a picture of the baby belly! You look great! I laughed out loud about the old ladies offering to help with groceries...I definitely remember that one!

Rosemary said...

Anna, you look so beautiful in the beach photo. It is a most special time for you. I wanted to share that my dear DIL had her baby yesterday by C-section. DIL is very,very petite and baby Joseph weighed in at nine pounds two ounces and feet first. We knew ahead of time about the C-section, which helped. I have gotten to hold Joseph twice now, and I am in heaven. They named him after my wonderful dad, who passed away this year.

Sarah said...

no little old ladies have offered to carry my groceries, but little old men with walking frames keep offering me their seats on the bus.

you almost look like you've dropped already? my belly starts waaaaaaaaay way up.. good for resting things on though! :D

that beach looks beautiful. i cant even remember the last time i was at a beach. i burn far too easily.

Kittee said...

It has been a very long time since I commented on your blog, in fact I just had to catch up because I was away for months!

I am so proud of you and I wish you and your husband many blessings with this future bundle of joy that is on the way.

I was told day before yesterday that I am not allowed to try right now to become pregnant due to medical issues. I can however live vicariously through your experiences so please keep us all updated. :)

God bless!


Leslie said...

At least people are offering to help! ;) Chivarly is deader than dead where I live. Very sad. :(

elena rulli said...

You look beautiful and happy, Anna, congratulations!

Amber said...

You are glowing! i think expecting mama's look so radient!

only a few weeks to go! Pray for you!

One of my little girls is going to be 2 tomorrow, and then the oldest will be 3 in a month. Andrew is almost 4 months! Its amazing how fast time goes, remember to enjoy the days with yor new born. You will never get those days back!They are something you will remember and treasure all your life!

Amber in North Idaho

Anonymous said...

You look so elegant. True beauty inside and out!


Anonymous said...

You're looking healthy & fit! Isn't it great to get out & just enjoy pleasant weather? You will not regret staying active during your pregnancy, really makes labor a bit easier, I believe.


Erin Coda said...

Many blessings on you and your baby, Anna. I don't have any of my own, but I am proud auntie and/or Godmother to several, and I look forward to meeting the good man who will become the father to my own, God willing.

I must say also that I am an older and more "secular" woman (though a practicing Christian) and your blog is a wonderful source of grounding and femininity in this fast-paced world.


Mrs. Anna T said...


Hanukkah celebrations are relatively simple; people often mistake Hanukkah for "the Jewish Christmas" because of the similar season, but the truth is, we don't have the same customs of gift-giving and decorating - at least around here. It's a fun holiday though.


Congratulations on the arrival of your grandson!! What a thrill! My dear mother is so very, very excited about becoming Grandma for the first time.


Have I dropped? To tell you the truth I'm not so sure. How do I know? I have a dr's appointment today, maybe I'll ask. :o)

Bethany Hudson said...

Anna- I'm not sure if you've dropped; you may be a bit early for that. But, they do say that typically, women will carry girls low like you are carrying. I carried my daughter high and out front (typically this is thought to indicate a boy) and I had soooooo many people INSIST I was having a son, even though a dozen ultrasounds confirmed that it was a girl! I love all the funny wives tales of pregnancy :)

MarkyMark said...


Good luck with the 'new arrival'...


Ways of Zion said...

I dropped with Micah ( our firstborn) but not the girls, apparently it only happens in your first preggy. Can't wait until you have your lil blessing in your arms.

mrvelocity said...

That beach is beautiful!

Sarah said...

it can be hard to tell if youve dropped, and depends on how you were carrying to begin with.. with my son i dropped at about 35 weeks - even though the baby wasnt 'engaged' yet. suddenly the belly was all way down low, my mother was convinced i was going to have the baby early. and he was nearly 2 weeks 'late' so there went that theory.

some women dont drop till moments before birth, some drop quite early.

your belly looks low, but youre a smaller person than me, and everyone carries differently anyway. i seem to carry very high, so it was super obvious when i dropped last time, and will be again if it happens this time round.

basically if your belly was higher before, youve dropped. if you find that it gets lower in the next few weeks, youve dropped. may or may not mean baby is engaged, but its a sign things are getting closer.

Anonymous said...

My first thought when I saw the picture was "Oh, she's dropped".

You look lovely Anna! Blessings to you! Can't wait to hear your news in the coming weeks.

Jennifer said...

Anna, pregnancy obviously agrees with you! What a beautiful picture!

Word Warrior said...


So sweet of you to pass along "expecting mother wishes"! I'm not sure if I've said "Congratulations" to you!

"You are blessed among women."

Ruth said...

Hi Anna! I found your blog in a very roundabout way. You are positively glowing, but your frame doesn't look very pregnant... you still look slim and trim to me. :)

Happy Holidays!

Sasha said...

You look great!I'm very happy for you.