Sunday, December 28, 2008

A new week

Update: for all the dear ones who asked, I'm adding a little note just to let you know that my husband and I, as well as our families, are currently out of harm's way. Thank you for your prayers on our behalf.

We know only too well, however, that Israel is small and being safe today does not ensure safety tomorrow. Those who are purposefully trying to harm innocents in the cities that are currently being attacked, are only waiting for an opportunity to do that all over Israel. Therefore, we put our trust in the Lord, who is ever faithful.

Another weekend has come and gone, and I've never been so happy in the simple daily doings here in our little home, like now that we are making the final preparations for the arrival of our baby. I don't know how much time I have left, so I'm trying to make the most of each day; not only in the realm of setting the house in proper order, but also resting, taking naps, walking, puttering around the garden and doing all the things I enjoy each day. We're also taking advantage of these last days/weeks as a young, carefree couple *smile*.
I'm past the 38 weeks mark, and theoretically, might go into labor any day - though we know we might not have the baby in our arms until it's weeks after my estimated due date, and we're at peace with both scenarios.
My bag is packed and has taken residence in our car, so that wherever we go, there won't be a chance of forgetting it. Packing was not an easy task at all! It seemed that there's no way I may be at peace if I don't take half the house along. Would I consider, for example, going anywhere overnight without taking at least one pair of the fuzzy socks my husband got for me? Of course not. :o)
The more I packed, the more convinced I became that for a healthy, routine birth, having the baby at home where Mom feels most comfortable, is probably the best and least stressful option. Complications may happen, however, and interventions might be needed (we sure hope we won't need any) and the nearest hospital is too far for us to truly feel at peace with a home birth.
Last Thursday, we spent the evening at my brother-in-law's home, and since my throat was a bit sore, I sipped several cups of hot tea throughout the evening. On our way home, I started feeling pretty strong contractions (much stronger than the occasional ones I've been having throughout the last few weeks). Only then I remembered that the tea I drank was brewed from raspberry, and that I heard somewhere it might bring on contractions. Oh no, I thought, what if I go into labor now - without washing all my floors! :o) It passed, though, and today I zealously attacked these floors while I still have the chance.
Today will be the last day of Hanukkah. Above, you can see a picture of our little Hanukkah lights, and a few beautiful mini-challas baked by my husband.


lady jane said...

Lovely pictures of your Hanukkah lights and wee challas (which are gorgeous!). I hope your celebration has been one that memories are made of. The other morning I used challah to make french toast...yum.

My thoughts and prayers for you have been more frequent lately, for obvious reasons. :o) Bless you as you softly tip-toe to this next beautiful season of life. What joy you and your dear husband will behold!

((( you )))

Otter Mom said...

With the situation in Israel that has been on the news the last few days, you and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers. Be safe!

Charli said...

Dear Mrs T,
Your post is so exciting! I can't imagine what must be going through your mind at the moment :) Enjoy your last few weeks alone as a couple and I hope that everything coming is as you would want it to be.
Best wishes, Charli

Miss Rose Virginia said...

I'll be praying for you as you approach your delivery. I never thought about being too far away from a hospital for a home delivery. I would love to have a home delivery whenever I get married and have children, but my mom almost died giving birth to me, so I'd definitely want to be near (or, if necessary, in) a hospital.

Anyway, I hope you continue to do well, and I pray that you have a wonderfully healthy baby in your arms soon!

Ace said...

Hi Anna,

I went into "false" labor (I don't know why it is called false, it hurt and I just didn't get a baby out of it :) seven times with my Princess Joy (my first). So don't worry if this happens a couple of times, your body is just practicing for the main event, so to speak.

When I went into real labor, I refused to go until I had my toe nails polished. I just had it in my head and was nuts about it. With Princess Grace, I actually had The General up the night before my c-section (had no choice about that) touching up paint around the house. I also put furniture polish on anything that didn't move (much to my regret now, some of it is on stuff it never should have gone on but I was obsessed with making everything shiny :)

These aren't so bad, my mother in law's best friend was obsessed with chewing her husband's toes. Sick right, she would demand his toes and he would just take off his socks and hand her his foot. She even did it in front of company! Whew, that is love, or fear of a pregant woman.

Scrub those floors girl, you won't be relaxed until you do.

Many Blessings :)


Anonymous said...

I can hear the excitement in your post. It's wonderful. I am excited for your family, you are going to be a wonderful mom.

I hope you have enjoyed Hanukkah and pray you are safe.

Untypically Jia said...

Anna you are too adorable and sweet. Having contractions and thinking about your floors! A part of me wants to say "Take a break girl!" and the other part is looking at my floors and going, "Wow, I'm not even pregnant and I don't want to touch them."

Thanks for being the example.

Kelly said...

Dear Anna, I hope you had a wonderful peaceful Hanukkah and these last weeks, or days of your pregnancy are equally as peaceful. Enjoy this beautiful time in your life, it's all about to take a dramatic change. Your previous post was so well written, and good for you to come out and say it.
God Bless you and your about to be larger family.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anna:

I am so excited to hear of the upcoming birth of your little one. Excited for you because s/he is your first, and truly a mark of God's glory. A child is a miracle. I am also, in a way, feeling this as a marker of my giving birth as I had a miscarriage just before the end of my first trimester and my baby would have been due around this time. How complicated life is, isn't it? But greetings your way, and you will be in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this glorious final preparations.

Laura Ashley said...

I did something like Ace. I wouldn't go to the hospital until I had washed, dried and fixed my hair like I usually do. I kept thinking about pictures that might get taken while I was at the hospital. I didn't get there until I was already 8 cm.

Anonymous said...

If you are scrubbing floors, the "nesting phase" has kicked in and the baby will be coming soon. I scrubbed the kitchen floor with an old toothbrush the night I went into labor. (Haven't done that since.) Hope all goes well and your little one is here soon. CB

Bethany Hudson said...

Yay for moving along with the pregnancy :) I didn't have a single contraction before I went into labor...actually, I didn't have contractions then, either, so I had to get chemical oxytocin (Pitocin here in the US). :-P Nice to know you're progressing more naturally than I did with my first.

Happy final day of Hanukkah! Those challahs look amazing! Your husband is a really accomplished baker.


terry said...

Dear Anna:

I'm nursing a cold right now and was wide awake last night watching the news. When I saw the events that were unfolding, my first thought was of you.

Please know that many of your readers are praying for you including me.

I hope all is safe and peaceful with you and yours.

Love and prayers,


Joanna said...

Neat!! I am 38 weeks along also - with my 5th daughter - and we have named her Anna. I had heard before that raspberry leaf tea helps with contractions. I'll have to get some!! ;) God be with you during these last days of your pregnancy.

Coffee Catholic said...

I went absolutely insane about dust. I had to get the dust out of EVERYWHERE - even places I had never thought of before. I felt like... "I know it's there! Watching me!" LOL!! I knew I was going to go into labor soon when I made Erlend polish the windows until they gleamed and scrape gunk along the edges of the kitchen floor. Meanwhile I was obsessing about the crumbs in the toaster.

Kacie said...

Best wishes with your last hours/days/weeks of being pregnant! I gave birth to my son on Dec. 20 at 38w4d and I wasn't expecting him so soon!

I thought I'd have at least another week, if not longer. His timing couldn't have been better, though.

I never did get around to deep cleaning my kitchen. Oh well. Grandma is coming over tomorrow, and I'm sure she'll be happy to help :)

elena rulli said...

I'm so glad to hear you are doing fine and well after those ugly headaches!
May I ask you something? Is it a tradition for husbands to cook challas during holidays or is it a good habit of yours?
Anyway, they look gorgeous!
Have a peaceful week and don't worry too much about floors :)
P.S. I hope the area you live in is not involved in the attacks of these days!

Mrs. Lindblom said...

Hi Anna! I'm new to your blog, but just wanted to let you know that I was the same way right before my second child was born- I had to ensure the entire house was scrubbed top to bottom! Gotta love nesting!

Jenny said...

What a lovely post. Your pictures are lovely and I loved hearing about your preparing, resting, and savoring the moments with your husband.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are very busy, Anna! You have been blessed with SUCH a sweet husband--- one who bakes and buys you fuzzy socks!! (I love fuzzy socks, and couldn't go anywhere without mine, either!!) My thoughts and prayers are with you for a safe delivery!!

God Bless,

Rose said...

Dear Anna,

Will Mr T or someone else be able to post the news when the time comes?

Take lots of good care of yourself. Rose

Amber said...

enjoy this 'nesting"! When I look back on my 3 pregnancies (so far) my nestings (is that even a word?) are some of my favorite memories. With Clara is was getting get bed ready, at 2 am, I couldnt sleep until it was done! With Flora, it was my sewing. I have projects I HAD to get done before she came. All silly things. Andrew, it was my house. It had to be perfect, all the time, because who knows when he would come right! :D

Looking forward to good news.


Mrs W said...

Hi I'm just curious Anna...are there rules or restrictions on you if you go into labour on the sabbath?

Lady-in-the-Making said...

How exciting, Anna!!!! Enjoy the anticipation - your new baby will be just beautiful. What a wondrous time!

God bless you!

BrineS said...

Your bread baked up so beautifully! And...I hope your delivery is good. How exciting...a baby!

God Bless You Richly!
Deborah @ Comfort Joy Designs

Ace said...

Hi Anna,

I didn't mean to post another comment but I was not sure how else to contact you. I am praying for the safety of you and yours and your country. May the Good and Mighty Lord protect you!

Many Blessings Friend, stay safe and stay strong. Be of good courage, God is on His Throne!


Anonymous said...

These challas look delicious - I feel like trying my hand at some, too! You have been and will be in my thoughts and prayers during these sad days for people in Israel, and most exciting days for your little family! Take care,Claudia

Mrs. Anna T said...


Normally, challah-baking is more of a womanly pursuit, but my husband loves baking so there you go. :o)


I'm not sure; if my husband is anywhere near a computer, perhaps he'll be able to type a little note for you all.

Mrs. W,

In general, any type of medical assistance will be given to mother and baby, whenever needed. However, if labor starts on Shabbat, violating the Shabbat is *only* allowed for what is necessary to aid the laboring woman. For example: my husband will be able to take me to hospital by car, but not go back home alone during Shabbat while I'm there; signing papers and making phone calls which aren't strictly necessary (such as to my mother) will have to wait until end of Shabbat, too. Etc.

So, I hope it doesn't happen on Shabbat. It will be so much easier for all of us.

Sasha said...

I didn't understand.Did you really decide to give birth at home?
Are you sure?
Anyway,good luck.

Mrs. Anna T said...


When I said, "the nearest hospital is too far for us to truly feel at peace with a home birth", I meant that we are NOT having a home birth - as much as I would love to.

Ways of Zion said...

I had to laugh when I read your comment about the obsession was to have the entire house organized. I pictured bins with lables for every little tinny tiny thing....needless to say that never happened!

Susan B said...

Dear Anna,
What an exciting time for you and your husband! I will be praying for you and your sweet baby as your time draws near. Thank you for sharing all the things you are doing to prepare. I enjoyed reading about them. God bless you.

homemakeratheart said...

I'm not Jewish, but I have a close friend who is and I LOVE CHALLAS!!!!!!! And they're very pretty!

Aelwyn said...

Don't worry about the floors, just enjoy the days before the baby. I thought the same thing before my little one was born. She was ten days early. I brooded for a little while about people coming to visit when I did not have the house just so, but the joy of the baby is all that is important. May God bless you greatly with this birth. Little girls are such a joy!

Aelwyn said...

Oh...your menorah is beautiful! Although we are a Christian household, my husband was raised in Judaism. We have wanted a menorah in order for our daughter to understand her Jewish ancestry as well. The ones we have looked at in seeking to buy one are for candles. I really like the oil. It certainly reflects the details of the story of the temple in an even clearer manner. Happy Hannukah!

MarkyMark said...

Blast it, Anna! You always make me DROOL over my keyboard when I see your yummy dishes... :)