Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Animal fun

The fun part about having animals around, is how they like to participate in everything you do. See how eagerly this kitty is looking from outside, at the little glowing row of Hanukkah lights.
I have no idea how she got up there, but she was clearly stuck for hours and making the most pitiful frightened noises. However, I'm yet to find a cat that wouldn't be coaxed by a can of sardines. This one was down in no time.
We've seen some foxes around, and no signs of Mr. Duck for at least a week. Coincidence? I'm afraid not. We're going to miss our feathery neighbour. Serves as a warning for us in case we decide to get a couple of chickens; we'll have to make sure they have a safe, protected area.
When I went out to hang the laundry today, I saw that one of the neighbours' pet rabbits had escaped again. Since my neighbour is still recovering from the birth of her little baby boy, and there was no one else around, I boldly volunteered to try and catch the wee bunny before it's eaten by a stray cat or fox. I sure had to do a bit of running around, then made a wild leap for it. After making sure my back is still intact, I proudly returned the protesting rabbit to its cage. Spent some time chatting with my neighbour, while admiring her little one who was peacefully nursing. It seems incredible that just a couple of short weeks ago, this tiny little human being was hidden away in his Mom's tummy. Every birth and every child is such a miracle.
There is now fresh clean laundry on the line; bread on the rise; a beautiful, seasonal salad on my plate. And some ironing still left to do. Perfect day.


Thia said...

Thinking of you chasing the bunny around made me think of the time I was pregnant and we went to fly kites with the other two kids. The vision of a pregnant lady trying to get a kite up in the air is sad, amusing, and crazy all at the same time.

Mrs Flam said...

Wow , did you see your kitty come down or just find her down , that would have been quite a scene to watch.

Anonymous said...

Anna, I am just "getting to know you" through your blog and hope to have time to read much more of it soon. I love the picture of the cat on the pole. Are you safe during this war? We are praying for wisdom for your leaders and safety for your troups. Would that this could have been over in just "Six Days!"
Blessings, dear one.
Mrs. L.

Deanna said...

Blessed day to you, Anna!
What a wonderful time of life this is to you and your husband. Hope all goes well with the birth of your baby.
I so enjoy your blog and think it is amazing that communication to the other side of the world is just a computer away from me.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Mrs. Flam: yes I did see the kitty come down, and what a scene it was! :o)

Bethany Hudson said...

Haha! I love funny animal stories. They just *might* be even sillier than children :)

Sounds like you really are having a "perfect day." Off to get some progress of my own done here at home...where it is still early morning.


Slice of life said...

Sounds like bliss.

Tori said...

Wow, how did she get up there?

What a very nice blog you have, I think I'm going to add you to me reads.

God bless!

xoxo, Chloe said...

Sounds perfect indeed!

Anonymous said...

Perfect day indeed. Bunnies and kitties are adorable! I can't imagine not having my two awesome cats and the daily giggles they offer me. :D


Amber said...

Sounds Heavenly!

Pray for you during this scary time over there.

Can't wait to here baby news!

I made my self a square head scarf and am loving it. While we dont feel God has commanded me to cover (at this time, source of study) I am loving it. Do you make your scarves, or buy them?

Maybe the God Lord richly Bless you!


Mrs. V. said...

Yes, your day does sound perfect and lovely. The joys of being a woman at home!

By the way, I love your curtains in the post below. Very pretty.


Marianne said...

Can you believe it's just three days until your due date? My goodness.

As always, this was a charming post.

Tracy said...

Sounds like your having a wonderful day!! I love it when my laundry is hanging on the line. Makes me feel so produtive. I can't do that right now it 36 degrees. I just can't make myself hang it out! That cat is to cute!!

Jenny Izirba said...

Dear Mrs. Anna,

my mom just read your story about the cats to me. I love the pictures. How did the kitty get down? I love your kitty. Congratulations you are going to have a baby girl. She will want to have a nightlight. I have two little brothers. Bye!

(My 4 year old daughter was so enthralled with your pictures that I read her your entire post. She decided that she wanted to talk to you so she dictated the above message. Best wishes in the coming days as your pregnancy comes to an end and your daugher arrives)


Rose said...

LOL Anna! Tony and I are both animal loving people so I called Tony in from the garden to read this post. I wish I could have seen you fetching the bunny. Great story. Rose

Neuropoet said...

:) Anna - it's so exciting for me every time I click to read your blog now - I know that any day now the news of your little girl's arrival could be waiting for me! :) I'm so excited for you, and so thankful for the magic of the internet that has brought me such wonderful friends... :)

Peace and blessings,
PS - you're in my prayers!

MarkyMark said...

That's a cute kitty! I love cats; I always have, and I always will...

Ace said...

Hi Anna, oh no the poor duck! And that Cat, oh, she better stay away from those foxes too (it was cool to read this because I was just reading the Bible and it was talking about them). Maybe that was why she was up a pole?

How adventurous of you to chase a rabbit while about to give birth. That is the spirit, that is what Motherhood is all about, you will do fine. Your neighbor is lucky to have you!

Many Blessings...sounds like you are nesting and Baby is on the way!

Miss Rose Virginia said...

I have to admit I laughed at the thought of you, pregnant, running around trying to catch a bunny! But I'm sure I would have done the same thing and looked just as silly.

lady jane said...

Such a delight-filled post, Anna. Thank you for the warm visit. :o)

Has said...

My brother bought hens and kept them in a beautiful chicken coop. But a fox dug under the cage and killed all his hens. So he buried chicken wire in the ground under the cage and bought more hens. Now the hens are safe. But he is determined to catch that fox. So he bought a fox trap. The only thing he has caught in his fox trap is his own cat.

Jerusalem Jones said...

To the cat in this post:
It seems that you are on the outside looking in. Do not fear. You will have a place with me. I believe in equality for all cats. Meow!

Yours in feline-tasticness,
Jerusalem Jones, C.A.T.