Monday, January 5, 2009

My mind at rest

Dear ones,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and a nice fresh start to another lovely week. We are home now, putting the finishing touches on what we wanted to accomplish before the baby arrives.

There is so much I wanted to write, and so many interesting topics I planned to discuss, but my mind is blissfully blank today, and I'm feeling a sense of peace which will hopefully take me through the upcoming labor and birth of our child. I can hardly believe it's supposed to happen any day now. When I try to wrap my mind around it, the sensation is so awesome it makes me want to cry.

Despite the recent happenings in Israel, we remain calm. I think that, for us, the sense of danger was there for a long time. Many concerned relatives and friends wrote to us, to be assured we are out of harm's way; but the truth is, we can't indulge in the illusion of "safety" simply because we are currently not in the line of fire. Our security comes from a different source - the One who is faithful and unfailing.

Thanks so much to all the dear ones who wrote to encourage and support us. I also received several emails with questions regarding some of the recent posts here, as well as other topics - and even though I try to reply to at least a couple of emails a day, however briefly, it hardly seems to be making a dent. I do intend to answer everyone's questions, but it might take time - so thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, I remain in a peaceful bliss of joyful anticipation.

Mrs. T


Anonymous said...

Praying for your labor and delivery. May you be richly blessed by G-d in these coming days and weeks. You are a blessing to many.


Marianne said...

I'm saying many prayers for the safe arrival of your dear little girl! Enjoy this time of quiet.

A. said...

I can't imagine what it must feel like to be so close to birth, but I suspect "so awesome it makes me want to cry" is quite fitting.

What is the name of those beautiful flowers?


Mrs. Anna T said...

Allison, that's precisely what I'm asking myself! I have to ask my husband. He takes most of the pictures of beautiful scenery and flowers I post here.

Thia said...

For me, when I reach that stage of peacefullness, I know I am very close to labor. Praying that your remaining days are peaceful and restful.

Mrs. D said...

How exiting that soon you will hold your precious little girl in your arms! We're praying for you.

I'm in week 21 of the pregnancy and looking forward to every new experience. :)

Gombojav Tribe said...

I gave you a bloggy award! Stop by my blog and pick it up at your leisure!

Mrs.KAOS said...

I am praying for you, your child and your husband. I hope your peace continues through the week.


FLCATXOK said...

I excitedly check your blog each day to see if your new blessing has arrived. I am praying for you.

I have a calendar in my kitchen that has pictures of Israel. Every time I walk by I think of you and your lovely blog and pray for you.

Mother of Dog said...

It's so worrisome over there - know that my thoughts are with you, sweet Anna - I hope that you'll have a wonderfully easy birth.

Did you ever write about how and where you met your lucky husband? I'm curious if you used an old fashioned Yente the Matchmaker.

Anyway, he's a very lucky guy for sure! :)

ps - When I was a kid, my temple held a kippa making class and I recall a lot of cockeyed kippas emerging!

Terry said...

What beautiful flowers! I love the color. Remembering my own children as babies, I completely relate to your urge to cry out of joy. After my son came into our lives, I think I cried for the first year out of sheer happiness. I still do sometimes when I watch them sleep or when they're doing something and don't know I'm watching.

You and your husband have so many joys awaiting you!

Lots of Love,


Bethany Hudson said...

Anna, I'm just so excited for you! I feel close to crying myself :) Birth is truly such an incredible experience, an unforgetable rite of passage, a miracle. I have never had any experience that brought me so close to God as the birth of my daughter. I am already anticipating the birth of this new baby boy with such excitement! I hope and pray that your birth experience is all your hope for, and that you and your daughter will be safe and well.

Gombojav Tribe said...

I used to have a banner on my blog that said, "I Stand With Israel." Unfortunately I've been redesigning my blog and I lost it!

We prayed as a church for Israel yesterday and Israel remains in our thoughts and prayers daily.

Neuropoet said...

Praying for you dear Anna, I'm so excited for you... May Peace be with you, and may the One who is always faithful guard you and your family... :)


lady jane said...

hm. looks to me that flower is of the thistle family...? maybe...?

Hilde said...

I pray for you, your husband and your baby. May you all be safe, and may your labour be short and easy!