Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sailing forward

So... here I am with a little update, for all who have been wondering about how things are developing for us.

First, baby is still in Mom's tummy, and Mommy and baby (and Daddy) are all well and healthy.

I'm now past the 40 weeks mark, but according to my first ultrasound, my estimated due date is January 14-th, so we're not even quite there yet. And we realize that it's not at all unusual for a woman to go a couple of weeks past her due date - so as much as we are anxious to see and hold our baby, we're perfectly willing to wait while this little one takes her time.

Of course, as many of you know, once a woman passes 40 weeks, frequency of check-ups and visits to doctor dramatically increases. I went to do fetal monitoring today, and was told that I'm having contractions. I had three in twenty minutes, but I could only feel them when I really concentrated, which according to the nurse means I can easily have a few days until the "real thing" yet. Anyway, it does seem we are making progress.

I try to stay active, and have spent many hours on my feet in the past days. I don't over-strain myself, but I take long walks, dance, and make circular hip movements when I feel back pains, to gently ease the baby's progress into birth position. Her head is so low now that I feel I'm practically sitting on it.

Since I heard labor is similar to running a marathon, I do my best to eat well, drink plenty, and stay healthy and relaxed. I hope that very soon, I can share the excitement of the birth of our precious child.

I'm also very happy for Daja, who had her sweet little girl a few days ago. Reading her wonderful natural home birth story was a true delight, and I think every expecting Mommy should definitely take the time to visit.


Sasha said...

I hope the birth will be easy.
In which hospital are you planning to give birth?

CappuccinoLife said...

I hope you will have a wonderful birth!
My last two babies stayed inside until after 42 weeks. Caused me untold stress because our care providers absolutely panicked about it. But my little boys proved the rule that "overdue" isnt a disaster. :)

lady jane said...

Your wee one will make her entrance at the perfect time, determined by God. :o) How wonderful to know He has everything in His capable hands.

There was plenty I didn't know when I got pregnant (a gazillion years ago). I've learned so much by reading through your journey, dear Anna, as has Lizzie. When she marries and begins her own little family, I know she'll look back in your archives for posts such as these to educate and encourage herself.

Bless you dearly. (((hug)))

The Butterfly Catcher said...

Found your blog through Terry's. . .After birthing seven precious ones, the youngest only 8 months old, I am all too familiar with "the waiting game!" But it sounds to me as if you are taking it all in stride and with the faith that God knows the perfect time for your little one to be welcomed into your loving arms. I pray for His continued grace and strength as you await the fulfillment of the joy of motherhood! Blessings to you!

doctorandprincess said...

Awww... you mentioned my sister...!! So sweet! Yes, I am now an auntie to 10! :-)

Mrs. Anna T said...


I'm sorry, but I cannot feel safe enough to reveal this kind of information on my blog. We have toured several hospitals. If you want to hear my opinion on each of them in private, you are welcome to email me.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Doctorandprincess: I have learned so much from Daja's blog, as I was journeying through pregnancy right along with her! Since the beginning of January, I've been checking her blog frequently for the Big News.

All things bright and beautiful... said...

hello Anna - you are in my thoughts each day as you get closer to the birth of your baby.
Enjoy this precious time.

Elizabeth said...

I'm thinking of you and praying for you, dear Anna - and checking your blog regularly! :) Stay well, dear one! *Hug!*

Rebekah said...

Maybe you baby will be born on my little sister Arianah's birthday! (The 23rd) That would be a funny coincidence :)

Elizabeth said...

my prayers for an easy, quick and safe birth of your precious little girl.

Lily Among Thorns said...

I hope your little girl arrives soon for you! I pray you have a safe delivery for both Momma and Baby. I'm excited to visit your blog one day and see a post announcing the delivery of your new little baby.

Bethany Hudson said...

Anna, I'm so glad to hear that things are continuing healthfully for you and the baby. I'm pleased that you are so relaxed and patient about waiting; first time moms really should be informed that the gestational period for a first-time mother is 42 weeks, not 40!

And, thank you for sharing the link to Daja's birth! If it weren't for how messy homebirth can be, I really would like to try it. But, the birth center we're planning on using is only two blocks away, so it's almost like I'll be having a home birth :)


Rose said...

Hello Anna, thank you for posting and letting us know you are well. I've been thinking about you all weekend.

Warm regards, Rose

Anonymous said...

What an sweet (not necessarily idyllic, though) time in a young family's life, and one that might be hard to recapture when 'awake' time is in short supply, (and you find yourself putting your purse in the refrigerator and looking for a ringing phone in your sleep).

On the other hand, it is rather ironic to hear of the effects of Israeli violence on Gazans in news around the world, and yet this small community in which the birth of a much anticipated baby remain a sanctuary.


Has said...

A friend studying at university to be a midwife told me late last year that research was beginning to show that it is rest, not activity, that helps bring on labour.

When I had my last baby, labour started slowly at 4am so I got up and kept busy, doing as much housework as I could, thinking I'd be in hospital shortly. But labour slowed and I rang my midwifery-student friend to let her know it had started. She told me about this new research and suggested I go back to bed. That was a welcome idea! I woke up a couple of hours later in strong labour and decided to go straight to hospital. Delivered shortly thereafter (my fourth).

Best wishes!

Susan B said...

Dear Anna,
You and your sweet baby girl are in my prayers. She will come in her own time, when she is ready. :o) Thank you for the update. God bless you.

Gombojav Tribe said...

Good for you, Anna, for waiting so patiently for your blessing to arrive! She will arrive in her (and God's) own time! She'll be born on her birthday! We all are looking forward to reading all about it!

And thank you for the link and the kind words! It was a great experience, as all our births have been. And each birth has been completely different from the others--long, short, painful, painless, worshipful, joyful, quiet, loud, we've had them all!

Blessings to you!

Jennifer said...

Anna, be encouraged- when I went in for monitoring at 35 weeks for my daughter, I had 9 contractions in an hour, didn't feel a single one, and had her the next evening. Good luck!

Rina said...

It sounds like things are progressing nicely for you! I went 42 weeks with my second child, 43 weeks with my third, and almost 44 weeks with my fourth... and then number five was a few days early. They really WILL come when they're ready. :) I'm glad that you're enjoying these latter stages of your pregnancy, and am praying for you.

Maria said...

I will be praying for you!


Beth M. said...

My contractions started 6 days before my daughter was born. At first they felt like menstrual cramps, so probably similar to what you are experiencing. I made the mistake of getting overly excited at that point, expecting my baby would be born any day. By the time she got serious about it, I was already worn out. Take it easy, get plenty of rest, and sleep while you still can!

Dawn said...

I was thinking about you today and thought I would check in and see if the wee maiden made her appearance into this world. :)

Well, like someone God's perfect timing she will be born.

What an exciting week ahead you and the hubby will have. :)

Bless you Anna! Will be praying for you!


Mrs. Anna T said...


I think that those who find it especially ironic to hear about "Israeli violence" are the people of Sderot, who have been under fire for years now.

As for me, I'm not watching the news anymore. I get the important updates from my husband every day, and it's as much as my mind can handle at the moment.


44 weeks?! If you were seeing a "regular" doctor, weren't they trying to get you cuffed and induced for your own good?? :o)

Rina said...

No doubt if I'd been seeing a "regular" doctor, they would have induced me much sooner than 44 weeks. When I went 42 weeks with my second, it was an absolute battle to get my doctor to agree to allow me to go into labor on my own, and he wouldn't have let me go much longer. In fact, he went out of town when I was at 41 weeks and at my appointment with his fill-in, it was made clear that if I'd been HER patient, she would not have let me walk out of the building. Thankfully, my last three births have been at home with a midwife and I now have an excellent doctor who supports me in homebirthing, and will monitor the health of me and my baby but is otherwise hands-off. All of my babies have been SO healthy (even if their fingernails were six inches long ;o)) and I've been incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful support system.

Karen said...

First babies come when they feel like it! LOL. My first baby was the only one who came after her "due date" which in my opinion should be called "due month".

I like the beautiful picture. I sure wish I could see a sunny day for real in the midst of all this snow!