Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life with a newborn: a sample of my day

Shira is six weeks old, and we are finally getting into some sort of routine. Not anything rigid, but I'm starting to feel that there is some order in my days, and that I know pretty much what I can expect in the morning, afternoon, and evening.


Wake up, usually because Shira is calling for Mommy's milk. Nurse baby. Usually, after a good morning meal, she will go down for a nice long nap - God be praised! After a night of disrupted sleep I normally don't get up very early but that's alright for now. Get dressed, fix hair, brush teeth and devote a few minutes to prayer.

Late morning - early afternoon:

Get going, and quickly, because I don't really know how much time I have. Eat breakfast. Take care of basic housework, such as dishes and laundry. Start preparations for dinner. Pack husband's lunch for the next day. If there is time, some cleaning (today I cleaned the surfaces and mopped the floors in our bedroom). Eat lunch - usually something simple, such as a sandwich, egg and salad, or leftovers from last night's dinner.

After lunch:

Nurse baby. While nursing, I usually read something uplifting, and/or pray. Sometimes I tell Shira, "now we are going to pray for Daddy". I have noticed that often she will calm down during prayer time.


Shira is usually wide awake after her long nap, and doesn't like being left alone. I usually bathe her in the afternoon, then feed her again, and if she is fussy and/or her tummy is bothering her (which happens often), I hold her and/or give colic drops. When I need to get something done, she'll usually be happy in her bouncy seat for half an hour or so, as long as she can still see and hear Mom.

Early evening:

Waiting for Mr. T to come back from work. Fix my hair again, change my clothes if they were stained with leaking milk or baby spit up. Shira will eat every 2.5-3 hours. If she is content to remain in the bouncy seat for another half hour, I can do a bit of crocheting or answer an email or two. Or even better, squeeze in a shower.


Dinner and time together with my husband. Each one of us takes turns watching the baby while the other showers (if I haven't showered earlier). Nurse baby. Prepare for bedtime.


Nurse baby. By this time she is getting tired, and will usually be content to fall asleep after a good big meal, which will usually sustain her for 4-5 hours, after which she will wake up, eat, and fall asleep again. I fall asleep again too.

Throughout the day:

Errands, phone calls, grocery shopping, changing diapers, blogging, feed the fish, and any little thing you can imagine that might need to be done here at home.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Soon you'll learn additional ways to accomplish more. I used to set baby and bouncy seat in the bathroom while I showered. Babies seem to enjoy the sound of running water, I think. I can just picture your routine and it inspires me to be better and work even more joyfully as unto the Lord. I love it: "Now let's pray for Daddy." I am curious as to how the baby is cared for during your Synagogue service. Nursery? Do little baby "noises" punctuate the service? Have a blessed day.
Mrs. L.

lady jane said...

Those are ingredients to a full and blissful day, Anna. :o) I love how you described each goings-on.

Anonymous said...

That sounds lovely. I think the hardest thing about being a new mother is learning how to manage time. It sounds like you're doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

I loved how you said, your baby will settle down during prayer time. With my fifth baby, I started the habit of praying a rosary out loud when I was nursing him as a newborn. Now he is the most hyper, stubborn 2 year old and he can throw some serious tantrums. BUT when I start to recite the calming prayers of the rosary, he will ALWAYS calm down!! And I think this will make him more likely to turn to the Lord in prayer when he is older, too!! =)

Marianne said...

My son is only 13 months old (today!), but I so miss those days.

Kristin-Homemaker@Heart said...

what a lovely little day!
but just curious, what are colic drops?

Anonymous said...

Lovely-thanks for sharing the bliss of motherhood(amidst the difficult moments too!)

Anonymous said...

since having my baby i have never had so much free time in my life. Honestly, I don't know how you struggle to fit everything in.

Bethany Hudson said...

Sounds near to exactly what my life was like 19 months ago :) I'm curious to see what will happen when I'm there again with a newborn...this time with a toddler, as well! It should be a fun adventure.

I'm pleased to see you're maintaining so much of your routine without pushing yourself. It must be a real blessing and comfort to you and to little Shira (and Mr. T, of course!) Routine is the balm of the home, in my opinion.


Michelle said...

Its so nice when a baby settles into a routine of some sort! Not only do you know what to expect, but its easier to address problems that might crop up and throw the baby out of her routine!

BHS for the wisdom the Lord gives us as mommys!

Marie Bacun said...

As a very, very ignorant, ignorant brand new homemaker (childless) I was wondering if there were some mothers who could explain to me how you can possibly manage more than one child when a newborn's in the house. This is an honest question (not an attack!), because when I read about Mrs. Anna T's productive, full, and I'm sure satisfying day, it makes me curious about what things would be like with an older Shira and a brand new Little Mr. or Miss T. Not that Mrs. Anna could comment on this from experience...but maybe you have some ideas. Or other moms out there know.

Anonymous said...

It sounds as though you have a nice, workable routine, Anna. I always appreciated being able to settle into some kind of pattern too. Naturally, there were upsets of things from time to time, but I managed to stay within a framework.

And every stage is a time of "stretch & grow" for mothers. Once other children come along, a mom has to be creative about her time management, as she seeks to retain some kind of schedule. There are always things to challenge us, no matter what age the children are! It's an exciting calling, being a mother! :o)


Kyle, Amanda, and Tobias said...

I love posts about just ordinary, pleasant days, it's just nice to be able to relate to other mothers! I am curious though, does Shira not nap in the afternoon? I remember my son was taking 5 naps a day of 1-2 hours each at that age. I only ask to suggest that maybe more sleep would ease her colic, since I've heard of many mothers finding that a loose nap routine that allows for more sleep for baby tends to decrease the late-evening fussiness babies with colic experience.

It sounds like you're doing a wonderful job trying to balance the roles of wife and mother as well as finding time for creative endeavors, like blogging and crocheting.

Marie, I only have one baby but I do work as a nanny caring for 3 other children in the mornings and I've know other moms with 4 or more children. From my experience, you tend to focus on getting a routine to be able to meet everyone's basic needs as well as finding time and energy to spend time with all of the children, and with just yourself.

Anonymous said...

A poem I read and memorized when my girls were babies...

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait for tomorrow
For babies grow up, we've learned to our sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep
I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

You are wise beyond your years, Anna!

Rachel said...

It sounds so simple just to read about it.....but actually doing it is like the hardest thing ever!! Very rewarding, but hard.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing...I have all of this to look forward to in just a matter of days. =)

Anonymous said...

I thought you are against modern conviences such as the bouncy seat....what is on your acceptable list?

Sandy said...

I loved your moment-to-moment descriptions of your day. As a mother of two (9 & 4) I am incredibly impressed with your stamina. Blessings. -Sandy

Anonymous said...

Anna, I just wanted to ask if you ever saw the American TV show "The A Team" in the 1980s. I ask because the main character is "Mr. T," and every time you refer to your husband that way, I think of this guy:

And I'm pretty sure the two don't look alike!

That's it, just thought that might give you a laugh if you weren't familiar.


L.H. said...

You seem to be doing great with a 6-week old!

In about two weeks I'll have a 3yr old, 1yr, old and a new baby on my hands. I don't really have a plan, other than some advice I got from a friend/mother of 6 children. She told me, "Just take it one day at a time." :)

momstheword said...

Oh I love that newborn stage. All warm and cuddly! I also love how "portable" they are. Just take them anywhere and they will sit contently as opposed to getting up and walking!

Jen said...

Dearest Anna... I need to pick your brain :)

I have searched EVERYWHERE for an unbiased opinion on this whole Gaza thing. I am commanded to Bless Israel. And I do. However, the media is not playing fair! I find it difficult to condone certain things... so how do I bless Israel? I've looked on Wikipedia, even, as I've searched all news and I'm still no better off knowing exactly what this war is over, and who is on the side of right. Are you able to give me YOUR (and of course, your husbands) opinion on it? I figure you are the most likely to tell me how it is, what it's all over, and how I can pray for your country. If you would rather not do it on your blog, please feel free to email me on If you'd rather not go into it at all, I will also understand and respect this.

I am sorry I am not as articulate as yourself. Plese forgive me if I have offended you at all.

MarkyMark said...


Wow, you have a full day! It sounds like you're very organized and have everything under control though. I'm impressed!

As busy as you are though, again, I wonder how women can have a baby, then return to work? Even staying at home, it sounds like you have a FULL DAY; you don't have much time to rest or relax as you stay on top of everything you need to get done. Why does anyone think that motherhood and career can be combined?! Why did anyone ever think that? Until next time, have a great day...


Mrs. Anna T said...


I don't know what you mean about being "against" bouncy seats. Nothing can replace a mother's arms, but I sometimes leave my baby in a bouncy seat for half an hour and she's pretty happy with it, especially when she can watch Mommy jumping around during her daily workout.


As you know, I prefer not to discuss Israeli politics on this blog. You can always write to me privately at