Monday, March 2, 2009

Back from an unexpected break

Hi ladies! I hope everyone's weekend was wonderful. My usual weekend blogging pause stretched a bit longer than usual this time, because of the fickleness of our internet connection. In retrospect, I can say this was a blessing - it's amazing how much more you can catch up on without the delightful distraction of internet.

All is well around here. We were blessed by a few very stormy, rainy days, which is such a blessing, considering how dry this winter has been. The water resources in Israel have dwindled to such extent that local agriculture is under threat.

We are preparing to celebrate Purim next week. To all my Jewish readers, I hope that the Fast of Esther goes easily for you. This year, I am released from it as a breastfeeding mother. After Purim is over, Pesach is not far off! I should be cleaning, but so far, I haven't managed even to compose a to-do list. Oh well.

Another event we are preparing to celebrate is our anniversary - yes, our very first anniversary of marriage! So very exciting. We were a bit doubtful as to when we should celebrate. You see, we got married in Adar Bet, which is an "extra" month added to the calendar every four years. This year, there is no Adar Bet. So should we celebrate in Adar? Or Nissan?.. If you're confused about the Hebrew calendar, consider a couple that got married on February the 29-th. Should they celebrate on February 28-th, March 1-st, or perhaps only every four years? Eventually we are probably going to mark our anniversary this month, even though technically, only 11 months have passed. We are not making any grand plans because Shira is so young, but I hope we can still do something sweet and special.

In the picture above, you can see a new addition to our living room - an aquarium, which holds some Rosy Barb fishies. So fun to watch them swim. I'm sure Shira will be delighted with them when she grows up a bit.

I will finish now, before the connection is gone again. So lovely to stop by and catch up with you all, and read all your lovely comments and emails. My apologies to all who wrote a while ago and haven't received a reply yet. I hope to have the chance to write soon, and in the meantime I remain,

Your friend,

Mrs. T


Persuaded said...

Oh my gracious! Has it been one whole year already?? The time does fly doesn't it...

I have been off for a blogging break myself for the past few months, and completely understand what you mean about the benefits of such a change. I've been back among the blogging now for a week or so though and I am enjoying connecting with all my old friends. Your writing is always a pleasure, my dear:)

Linda said...

I say.. celebrate it the month AFTER it actually happened. I've got a thing against celebrating something that hasn't yet proven to be..

like when your birthday is on monday and for convienience's sake you want to celebrate it the sunday before.. it's like it's not really 'worth celebrating' yet, or even tarting fate..

Maybe it's just my weird way of thinking 'though.. Greetings from the netherlands ;)

Mrs. Rabe said...

Have a wonderful holiday season!

I think you are right that Shira will like the fish, as she gets older!

Jacqueline said...

Happy to know that all is well!

I was concerned when a longer amount of time had passed than usual. Congratulations on your first anniversary!!!May God bless you on your special day!

My husband and I too had a little one before our first anniversary. It is not so common in this day.

We have been married seventeen years now and recently a woman commented and thought my sixteen year old was my brother.

Secretly,I think she must be in need of really thick glasses, but I'll enjoy the compliment!


Jenny Izirba said...

Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary - whenever you decide to celebrate it! I want to thank you so much for posting the link about "Adar Bet". I am not at all familiar with the Hebrew calendar, and I found this topic quite interesting. May your Holy Days be blessed!


lady jane said...

Such a nice glimpse into your life, Anna. Blessings to you and yours this anniversary, holy day and life in general. :o)

Mrs. Amy @ Clothesline Alley said...

Happy Anniversary! May y'all be blessed with many, many, many more! :D We're celebrating our fifth anniversary in April, long distance style, and are very excited to be reaching this milestone.

Shira will love the fish I'm sure. Peapod recently had fish and really enjoyed them, but sadly the fish didn't seem to enjoy living and are no more. :o( We haven't had much luck with pets lately....

Undersharing said...

Funny you should mention this! My parents got married on February 29, and it's been a source of constant humor for them. It does help in their celebrations that both of their birthdays are in early March, so they would pick a date somewhere in between.

As for picking a date, can you use the Gregorian date equivalent to help you pick a Hebrew calendar date? Or maybe celebrate on the last evening of Adar? Good luck and congratulations!

Anonymous said...

How time flies! It's almost your one year anniversary. I must've been reading your blog for two years already, since you were single. Happy (early) One Year Anniversary and best of luck for preparing Purim!

Kisses for your pretty little girl.


Megan said...

Happy anniversary! How sweet to be celebrating your first anniversary with your first child already here!

We celebrated an anniversary just a few weeks after our daughter was born, which meant we also had to keep it simple. So my husband picked up a nice meal from a restaurant on his way home from work and set up a lovely little dining area in a secluded room in our house, with candles and flowers. My in-laws came over and watched our daughter for two hours (until she got hungry and needed Mom), while we had some time alone to visit and enjoy the wonderful food. Simple, but sweet!

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary, whenever you decide to celebrate it.
You will love the aquarium and so will your daughter. My daughter loves ours and can name all sorts of freshwater fish. An inexpensive hobby/pet. We frequently go to the pet fish store to look at fish, as something to do. Rarely buy any but my daughter loves looking at the hundreds of fish in the store. She talks to her fish all the time.