Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Purim!

I wish a very happy Purim to all of us who will be celebrating this week. Prepared your mishloach manot yet?

Read this great, informative, well-written article about Purim.

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments and emails you left for me during the weekend. I so enjoyed and appreciated reading them all. I wish I had words to express just how I would love to have more time to reply sooner, and more extensively, to all the dears who have sent questions, and to participate more actively in the discussions here. But right now, with Shira so little, and with Pesach in view soon, my hands are literally full.

Yes, I can see all you Moms-to-many out there smiling and thinking, "Anna, just wait until more little ones come along!" - but for now, I'm still adjusting.

Speaking of, Shira slept through the night for the first time yesterday. So nice - the only drawback was that I woke up in the morning painfully engorged, with milk dripping all over my pajamas, just like when it first came in.


The Author said...

Purim already? Then Pesach? :) I can't wait for Hamentschen!

Anonymous said...

I have read your blog for a while.

I have a couple questions for you.

Are you going to homeschool?

Do you believe that girls should grow up and stay at home until married? Not go to college?

Why do you believe in covering your head?

Why do you believe in only wearing skirts?

Why do you think that it is bad for women to work outside the home?

Thank you,
Someone Who Is Curious

Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought of more questions

Is your daughter going to only wear skirts? Cover her head?

Will you send your sons to college and not your daughters?

How do you feel your children will find who they will marry?

Do you feel that you will see them in a courtship role where you and your husband approve their future spouse?

I think that is all

BellaMama said...

Not all moms of many say that. I think everyone knows how difficult the first few children are, but especially the first. Once you know how to handle one, it becomes easier the more you have! You seem to have a great ability that many new moms don't have!! I'm so glad you had a night of rest, but I'm sorry for your pain! You'll figure it out & obviously she will probably only wake to nurse-a blessed child and mama!!

Shorty said...

Happy Purim!

The countdown to Pesach is on!

Rose said...

Hello Anna,

You are managing brilliantly in just blogging regularly, without mentioning anything else. And you appear to be coping very well with everything else. :) Best wishes, Rose

Persuaded said...

Many blessings to you my dear:)

Rina said...

Wow, I can't believe that baby Shira has already slept through the night! You're doing a wonderful job with her - she's so blessed to have you. Happy Purim!

Mrs. Anna T said...


I encourage you to look through the blog, as I have definitely answered most, if not all, of your questions in separate posts already. Look at the sidebar, and start with the FAQs. Then scroll down and look at the various categories.

For my posts on homeschooling and college, look at "education and training".

For thoughts about head coverings and skirts, look at "modesty and chastity".

About courtship, see "singleness and preparing for marriage".

About career, see "feminism and its dangers".

You can also look at the upper left corner of the screen; there's a "search blog" window. If you write, for example, "homeschooling", you'll be directed to all my posts where the word "homeschooling" is mentioned.

Mrs. Anna T said...

PS: If, after reading a bit more, you still have questions, you are most welcome to email me at