Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pasta... lots of pasta

Months ago, my husband bought tons of pasta. There was a good deal on it, and we figured it's something that doesn't spoil fast. As it is, we still have a lot of pasta left, and since Pesach is just around the corner, it must be eaten before it's time to get rid of all the chametz.

So we have been eating lots and lots of pasta in the past few weeks. My husband discovered a good, very simple, very quick recipe for pasta sauce - recipe and illustration photo taken from here. We did make some modifications. See here:

Sweet and spicy pasta sauce (serves 4)

2 onions - chop and fry until golden
add 3 cloves of garlic
add 5 tbsps of tomato paste and
2 ripe tomatoes, thinly chopped
add 2 tbsps of sweet paprika
1 tbsp sugar
add a glass of boiling water and mix
salt and pepper to taste
(we also add a tbsp of chili sauce)

Cook your favorite pasta (approx. 2 cups dry) and mix.

It makes a quick and simple dinner. And with some luck, all that pasta will be gone before Pesach.


Anonymous said...

I admit it: as an Italian I feel very happy knowing that pasta is loved outside Italy, too, and the sauce recipe you propose seems qute yummy... I suppose that some stereotypes on Italians respond to reality, after all.
Have a nice time eating pasta but please please please don't cook it for too long or you'll get a sticky glue-type-something ;o)
P.S. I'm signed on Google as elena rulli, but I can't seem to be able to sign in today so I post ad Anonymous, sorry!

Shorty said...

that brought a smile to my face - i too am trying to "use up" the Chametz...

this morning we used up the quinoa as breakfast cereal - cooked quinoa (i have also done this with brown rice and millet)...heated in milk, cinnamon, dates, raisins and some honey...

soon we will be using the rice wraps :)

be well!

Undersharing said...

That sounds delicious! I may try that later since pasta, rice, and potatoes are what we can fit into the fridge for "Project Grain Moth Massacre, Part IV". Soon we'll be able to take the pantry shelves down for (yet another) thorough cleaning. At least the kitten is having a good time catching the moths.

If you're after a high calorie meal, don't forget that you can fry cooked pasta in some oil with onions and garlic too. Just keep it moving in the pan so it doesn't crisp up too much.

Anonymous said...

you can use left over cooked pasta in frittatas : )

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious! I always add a bit of sugar to my spaghetti sauce. It really does balance the flavors.


Ways of Zion said...

Yummy, I am going to copy this out into my notebook of recipes and use it! Wednesday's are usually "noodle night" around here!

Another yummy simple change is to cook it, cut up veggies, mix in sauce, place in an oven proof pan and sprinkle cheese on top with bread crumbs (you can leave out the bread crumbs) bake at 350F until crispy on the top....yum!Great for leftovers too!

Amy Evans said...

What size glass of water to do you add?

That sounds good and inexpensive (which is what I need!)

Persuaded said...

oh that looks good... the kids like spicy and mama likes easy so i'm sure we'll be giving this a try☺

we also like to have what we call "green spaghetti." just puree some spinach with a bit of parmesan cheese and an egg then toss it over hot pasta just long enough to cook the egg.... and my personal favorite is pasta topped with salsa, sour cream and a bit of diced avocado:P

just thought i'd give you a few more ideas to use up your stash, lol;)

Anonymous said...

Love that recipe! I ate it every day of my 3. year of college!
Enjoy in pasta!
You can add there soya, yummi!
Or tunna fish.
I love pasta with zuccini - or just any vegetables made in a way you've made tomatoes.

Tereza said...

I personally love pasta and so do a few of my kids. Spagetti is the kids favorite!

Kristin said...

looks delicious!

Bethany Hudson said...


You know, I remember living out in the sticks where the power often went out, and we had to gobble up all the refrigerated and frozen food with our neighbors...but I've never had to go on a pasta binge before to use it up! :)


katie S. said...

Ooooo, yum! My favorite way to have pasta is with roasted veggies and some cheese. The best combo is tomato, eggplant, green sweet pepper and garlic. Then mix the roast veg. with ricotta and some pasta. So good.

Melissa said...

Yum, that sounds good. Thanks for sharing this quick dinner idea with us!

Sharon said...

Thanks for this recipe. I had a lot of spaghetti left over from a different dish last night, I think I'll use it with this sauce tonight.

Tracy said...

Sounds very good.

Rose said...

This sounds Good Anna. I will definitly be trying this one out. I'm always on the look out for Pasta recipes.

Katie S yours sounds delicious also.
Isn't it amazing how God works. I needed new ideas for pasta and I come over here and find 2. Thankyou for sharing

Rose x

Miss Serenity said...

I had to laugh...we're in the same boat! A friend gave us a TON of pasta a while back and now we're struggling to use it all. :) Thanks for the recipe!