Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Away from home... and back home

We stayed with family since weekend and until yesterday, and Shira had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with my grandmother. It's so sweet to watch them together - Grandma and Shira seem to understand each other so well, and are quickly becoming good friends. And Grandma looks at least 30 years younger when she holds Shira. I think it's thanks to the big wide smile that so easily comes upon the face of anyone holding a superbly cute baby.

As lovely as it was to visit with dear ones, I'm so happy to be back home, back to cooking and washing the dishes in my cozy kitchen, hanging laundry on the line, tending to the garden, and even doing a wee bit of crocheting - all this in between nursings, which are always my favorite part of the day. So quiet, peaceful, full of contentment for both Mommy and baby.

It has been fascinating to watch Shira over the past week or two. She suddenly picked up speed at gaining control over her little body. She rolls over and grabs toys; yesterday, she snatched away my glasses as I was attempting to undress her for a bath. She's becoming such a wiggler that it's getting more and more difficult to change, dress or undress her.

Today is my husband's "other birthday" - counting by the "other calendar", The one that we will really celebrate is his Hebrew date, of course, but I think today might also be nice to do something special... a little "mini birthday", so to speak. He will be 29.

Well, I'd better roll up my sleeves and get going, before the best part of the day slips away. Thanks to all the dear ones who took the time to email me in the past two days. I have read all of your notes and plan to catch up with you and answer your questions soon.

Your friend,

Mrs. T


Rose said...

Happy other birthday Mr T!

jAne said...

* I remember well when my Lizzie was about your Shira's age. My grandmother, near 85 and wheelchair bound, delighted in holding Lizzie. Their eyes were fixed upon one another, sweet smiles and giggles from both of them. Such a precious view and one that I'm thankful to have captured on the camera. Thank you for helping this memory along, dear friend. :o)
* I know what you mean about coming back home. There's something so significantly special about one's own home, of routine and small graces known only to us.
* Birthday blessings for your beloved!!!


Bethany Hudson said...

Happy birthday, Yitzhak!

Isn't it amazing how little ones develop in spurts? One day, you wake up, and it's almost like they are a whole new child; they can do so many new things and have all these new interests!

What a blessing it is to see two different generations playing together! I just love watching my grandmothers with my daughter. I can't wait until they can meet our son, too :)


Persuaded said...

happy sort-of-birthday to your dear husband... i hope your evening together is as pleasant as your days seem to be♥

Gothelittle Rose said...

This would, then, be about the time when my father describes diaper changing as "wrestling alligators". :)

Mrs. Amy @ Clothesline Alley said...

What a beautiful blessing Shira is to your grandmother, Anna. My grandma once said that living long enough to see one of her grandchildren get married was one of the biggest treats of her life. This, of course, changed once Peapod was born. Now she will tell you that living long enough to be a great-grandmother is one of life's most precious gifts. Sean & I feel very happy to have been able to give her to both special events, especially now that life is all the more precious in the aftermath of cancer.

Anonymous said...

When my memere was in her 80's and living in a nursing home, and my husband was being paid by the each to string tennis racquets while I finished my college courses, it was so special that he helped us arrange a plane trip for our 2 yr-old to visit his great grandmama. Although she'd taken to bedeviling the aides with stories of St. Francis in the ceiling tiles, she instantly communicated with little Shin. We have the precious photographs, and this story brings back some forgotten memories. I never thought I would forget it, but it's been a few years since I've seen the photo of them making faces at each other. Memere's gnarled rheumatoid arthritic hands sticking in her ears, and Shinko's tiny little fingers reaching out to touch them.

Also, the 'mini' birthday celebrations are commoner than I thought. My husband has two birthdays; the actual original and the one as registered in the city where he was born. The country he was living in was so torn up after the war that recording home-births was delayed.