Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our beautiful, fascinating country

Hello everyone. I hope all you ladies had, or are still having, a lovely weekend. At the beginning of the week I often feel less than motivated, so today I will resort my favorite mood boosters: cheerful music; uplifting reading materials; cultivating a vision of my home the way I would like to see it.

Speaking of uplifting reading, go ahead and read Rhonda Jean's post about the homemaker's work:

"No one would apply for our jobs. We work long hours, have no days off, we have to balance our budgets no matter what the circumstances, we are responsible for the mental and physical health of any number of children as we raise them to take on that responsibility for themselves. We act as role model, advisor, counsellor, guide and friend, we drive them to school, the library and the doctor, we explain boundaries. We support and encourage our partners, or if we're single parents, we take on a dual role. Whether we are single or attached, our job requires that we cook nutritious food that meets guidelines for good health, we clean toilets and faces and everything in between, we sew, mend and repair, we teach and nurture, administer discipline and model kindness and generosity, we are optimistic and brave, we are stewards of our homes, land and assets, guardian of our morals and privacy, and protector of the small and weak."

And in the meantime, here are a few snapshots from our drive last Wednesday.
Can you see the piles of stone in this picture? These are ruins. We aren't sure exactly how old they are and if they were investigated already. If they weren't, I'm sure they have the potential of most interesting archaeological findings. We'd take a peek ourselves if there was a convenient place to stop, but as there wasn't, we had to resign and just took a few photos while sitting in the car.

A stop by the roadside: I'm nursing Shira at the back seat of the car. I wouldn't post this photo without being absolutely sure you can't see anything inappropriate!
A mountain road. I loved the beauties we discovered along our trip. It's always worthwhile to explore your surroundings before going far!


Mrs. Rabe said...

How wonderful to live in such an ancient land with wonderful history of God being at work.

my3sons said...

There is nothing more precious than a nursing baby! I so miss that!

Deborah said...

What beautiful pictures!

The Author said...

Oh, so beautiful. I do so want to make aliyah! Thanks for posting these! :)

Jenn said...

I so enjoy when you share photos of your beautiful country! And of course, the sweet photo of you with your daughter is precious. I miss those days--cherish them:)

Ways of Zion said...

How wonderful! Thank you for sharing. We are in the middle of chicken pox, so i needed a boost to our day! Thanks again so much!

ps: we've bought tickets!

Sandra said...

I remember many times nursing on the side of the road! How precious are these times!

Analytical Adam said...

A number of comments by Rhonda Janes did bother me as a guy.

Rhonda Janes wrote.

>We support and encourage our partners, or if we're single parents, we take on a dual role.

Actually I don't think that is a good attitude. A child needs a father and a male role model as well. His role is not interchangeable and to claim it is is offensive to me as a guy. In the past if a man died in middle age a women got remarried. She doesn't take the man's role. That is wrong. My biggest anger with Orthodox Judaism is seeing many divorced women who openly brag about raising the child without the father feeling that this corrupts a child and will turn a women not wanting to focus one's career and always wanting to take male roles which I see again and again in many divorced women (not all, but many of them). They love the Rabbi's who seem to believe anything a woman says while away from the Rabbi clearly they behave differently (are are not victims in any way) but they hate rank and file men and these are women in their 40's and 50's and clearly the community teaches them to hate men although they deserve some blame as well as they shouldn't go along with this.

And Rhonda Jean starting with this.

>No one would apply for our jobs. We work long hours, have no days off, we have to balance our budgets no matter what the circumstances.

And most men love their jobs or have much time off and could just spend anything they want. I mean seriously?? This is not true. This is again based on thinking that you are more victim then a man is (and a man's life is easy and simple. Boy I wish that were true) and both genders have their struggles and stresses. No point in making yourself a victim like this when to be fair it sounds like she doesn't want someone to STEAL HER ROLE as SHE LOVES HER ROLE. The torah says what is hateful to you not to do to others and love you neighbor as you love yourself and I wish she was as sensitive to the male role since she doesn't want anyone taking her role but has a very light view of the man's role.

So I have to say this I find some of this exactly the problem we have in many religious circles is this light view of the man's role and really promoting this game of who is a bigger victim which just promotes more hatred to men and if you don't see a man as important in terms of being a father and providing then the woman isn't going to marry a man just to be used and you won't care about his qualities. You may marry a man that is very wealthy but didn't make his money in a decent way which is not the guy you should marry unless you have these bad views of men but want the man to have the money so you don't have to work part time of in some way to help although the man should be the primary breadwinner whenever possible but still should make his money in a decent way. This overly victim way of starting this out bothers me greatly.

They were very nice pictures and I am sure the weather in Israel is beautiful now. Here in NJ we get rain (and snow) all year round and this weekend has been cloudy and rainy.


Mrs. Anna T said...


Rhonda Jean is not an Orthodox Jew, so of course, while reading you have to eat the fish and spit out the bones.

Serena said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Anna! One of my very favorite things to do, no matter where I am, is get out and explore the countryside.

CappuccinoLife said...

Beautiful! You are so blessed to live where you do, in spite of all the political tensions.

Someday i hope to see some of that beauty with my own eyes! My dh is absolutely set on going to Israel someday, for a loooong visit. :)

Analytical Adam said...

I also wanted to add most men worry about their children as well and need to teach them values too.

This idea of women always being victims is not real religon. The only way I see Mrs. Anna as a victim is that she doesn't have a father to relate to. IN general only women that are from a poor family or a widow do I see as possible victims as well as rape. We all sometimes do need to hear the perspective of the opposite gender to help our own relationship with our own wife or husband I think. Not in a negative way but to understand how some may feel about certain actions.

This just came off wrong to me the way it is said. My own mother stayed at home till I was 7 or 8 years old and she nevertheless took a lot of her anger out on me a boy that was helpless. Just being at home doesn't mean you have the right atitude. I know this isn't a political blog but I do know groups like the American Family Association and Orthodox Jewish groups as well supported Sarah Palin despite her support of feminism and feeling male and female roles are interchangable or at least what men do is easily replaced. Her daughter had a child out of wedlock and the Palin's are denying any contact with the father even though this was mutual. This is terrible and why religious people are supportin a women that hates fathers is beyond me. I know too much. What can I say. I also see Jewish mothers who blame everything on the boys and let the girls do what they want and the girls learn to take advandage of the boys. It is terrible.

But have a good day tommorow as I have finished my posting for the night.