Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fresh blossoms

When we moved into this house, I discovered a miniature rose bush in our garden. It was rather forlorn and unkempt.

I watered and pruned it, and it rewarded me with beautiful blossoms.

I just wanted to share this unfurling blossom with you. It's so pretty. I've never had a rose bush before, even a miniature one. I'd love to plant more.


Donalacasa said...

Very pretty. I really need to get out and attempt to grow things. I'm sure there is something very cathartic about it.


Persuaded said...

oh, how dear.. my first thought upon looking at that tiny pink blossom is that it reminds me of your own tiny pink blossom- your daughter!

now you just need to plant a rose for each successive child, and what a beautiful garden that would make♥

Mrs. White said...

This is lovely. What a beautiful picture. I used to have some rose bushes before we moved here several years ago. I will ask my husband if we can get some more. I have no idea how to plant anything so he will help me!
Mrs. White

Pom Pom said...

Growing things in our own little bit of earth is VERY fun! I have squash popping up and a small pumpkin patch. I plant flowers from seeds. Right now, my peony bushes are loaded with tender flowers. I love to photograph them!

Ways of Zion said...

Roses are lovely! we have 3 climber roses (2 red, 1 yellow) and 2 bush (yellow/rose pink & white) and 1 heirlom tea that is yellow.....they are all blossoming right now, it is delisious in the garden!

Andrea said...

It's just lovely, Anna-- so fresh and simple and full of promise. Roses are amazing that way-- they seem to do best once they've been razed to stumps! We gave ours a hideous "buzz cut" one year and they just burst out in gorgeous blooms the next year.

Oli said...

Hi Anna

Thank yo so much for your blog : ) I just found it and I love your common sense, back-to-basics, family centred and feminine-ist approach!

I look forward to reading more : )