Monday, June 22, 2009

My random wish list for the home and garden

I think many of us have a vision of the house they would like to live in - perhaps the dream house of your childhood, with the fireplace and the large garden and the old trees surrounding it. But even in our real-life, less-than-perfect house, we can dream and make projects, which s-l-o-w-l-y, bit by bit become accomplished and turn the home into a nicer, more welcoming place to be, a place where we feel nurtured and comforted. Sometimes it doesn't even take big things to make it happen.

It's especially important to me to keep vision of the home now, as a new mother, when I often feel as though I'm chasing my tail to get even the most basic things done, and sometimes think as though my house will never look the way I envision.

So, here are some things I would like to have accomplished in my home and garden:

~ More storage space in the kitchen. This one is on top of my list. My kitchen is in such shortage of storage space that I can never have it properly organized, and there are many dishes, pans and utensils that we bought or got as gifts that we don't use yet because there's simply nowhere to put them. A set of nice, new kitchen cabinets would make me so happy.

~ I would like curtains to be put up in Shira's room and in the kitchen. Curtains are the final touch that puts such a homey feeling to a room. I was so thrilled on the day my husband put up the curtains in our living room and bedroom.

~ More flowers planted in the garden. And vegetables. I have time to tend to the trees and the grape vines, but otherwise, we are very behind on all our plans to plant.

~ Painting the walls. Two of our living room walls are a warm terracotta color, it's a nice earthly color and I like it, but lately we thought it over and realized it makes our living room look even smaller than it actually is. It would be so nice to freshen up the walls. We are talking perhaps light blue.

~ Ages ago, my husband bought a cabinet for under our bathroom sink, but haven't had time to fix it there yet. It will be so nice when it's finally done.

~ Lamps for our bedside tables. It would be so nice to read in bed, then switch off the light without having to get up.

These are just some things off the top of my head. What's on your wish list?


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

Again, another post that echoes my own thoughts at this time (I commented the other day about ways to battle the heat without breaking the bank :-)

I have not been living with my hubby for very long and before I moved into his house, he had done it very much in a bachelor-pad style...ideal for a single man, not so ideal for a young family. So there are a few changes I'm hoping we can make, to make our place seem a bit more homely before our first baby arrives in August (God willing). More storage space in the kitchen is my number one priority too! I am fortunate to have alot of fab baking utensils that I would love to have displayed and within easy reach...

A garden shed to store my hubby's vast array of tools and car parts that are currently stored in our laundry room would also be so helpful. This one was actually his suggestion, so I'm confident this might happen quite soon. :-)

But even if these things never happen, I'll still count myself really lucky to have a wonderful man, a clean, warm home and a gorgeous baby girl on the way. :-)

Good luck with your house projects!

Martha xxx

Gothelittle Rose said...

We want to get rid of the increasingly shabby carpet covering the living room/dining room area (seriously, who carpets a dining room? If you do and you like it, please don't take offense) and replace it with a good, wide-board, oak floor. I also want to paint the entire space (currently Primer White) a very subtle and light shade of buttercream. The biggie though, is windows... we've got a sort of cathedral ceiling thing in the kitchen/living/dining space, and the entire pentagon-shaped wall is nothing but wall. Why is this just a big huge bare wall? What's on the other side? Lots of woods and a pond that contains wild ducks and herons. So someday we want to put a pair of windows in that huge blank wall.

I want to slowly build up a garden in front of the house, which is the sunny side, an Old English sort of garden with flowers mixed with vegetable beds and a trellis or two and an archway and a lil bench. No stone cherubs, please. I despise the fat baby angel look. Angels have flaming swords and terrifying faces, thank you.

In the midst of this country-rural setting, I have a contemporary-modern type of house with this fake Grecian-Roman vinyl column facade. What can I do with a mix like that? I'm aiming for a sort of Shaker/cottage/rustic mix with nature colors and plenty of wood and stone.

Thing is, I have to do this trick mainly with whatever I can find for free or very low price! Yard sales, here I come!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna

For curtains in my little one's room on a budget, I bought two colorful, cheap, quilt covers which had matching pillow cases, in the exact same design. I used one quilt cover on the bed, I made the other one into curtains, and used the spare pillow case as a second pillow on the bed too. :-) A completely matching room !!


Swirlypepper said...

I'm mostly happy with my house, it's just a case of changing some of the fabrics so my from-here-and-there furniture matches and it'll make the animal beds more part of the decor. I'm also working on extending my fence higher and at an angle so that my cats can't escape my back garden and wander into the road.

Pom Pom said...

You are such a good thinker!
I have made lists my entire married life (31 years!) and I like to go back to them and cross things off. Sometimes I am not able to cross things off for five years or so!
Things I dream of in my house:
- order the basement and make it work for my sewing, writing, and my library
- repaint the family room (peach!)
- get red chairs for the living room and find a soft, inviting area rug
- paint the kitchen the right green (haven't found it yet) and get an island so when the whole family comes over, I can cook and fix and not bump into my guests
- make a puffy quilt for our bed and buy lovely white sheets
- buy another log nightstand and a floor lamp for reading
Okay, this list is getting very long. Mine always do.

Anonymous said...

We have a sort of glorified farmhouse....white clapboard, brown shingle house with a porch that wraps on two sides. We have lived on this land for a little over twenty years, but built the house only 11 years ago (we razed the existing smaller- & bat-infested!- one.

Anyway, my wish is simply to finish the house! We moved into it once the builders had gotten it to the minimum liveable level...the water was being hooked up that very day. For a while, we were doing a project each year, but that has changed now, & I have pretty much given up on the thought that we will ever finish the house. I keep things clean, & I have to content myself with that, I guess.

However, our land is beautiful, & as my perennial plants multiply I am able to move things to other spots in the yard, thereby expanding the cultivated parts of it. I consider myself fortunate in this regard. We also have some apple trees, a variety of berry plants, & space for 2 nice-sized vegetable gardens.

So....hopes realized, & hopes deferred. All part of the same life!


Heather said...

For the inside, new carpet sometime this year and I am hoping to have new counter tops in the bathrooms.

We are installing a fence around our vegetable garden it is about half done I am hoping it gets done soon before the deer eat everything else.

It seems to be a never ending list as soon as something is checked off another item is added. Good luck with your projects.

Joie said...

A shed for outside toys and my gardening tools.

Different lighting in my kitchen.

Open part of the kitchen wall into the foyer and then part of the wall from the dining room and the foyer connecting the two at the front door and opening the space up for better air flow.

Finishing our floors (we have to raise the joists under part of our 100+ yr old house to do that).

Get rid of the skylight in the master bedroom. Way too bring way too early in the morning.

Knock down 4 black walnut trees that keep my garden from becoming what it could be.

Make the opening to the attic longer and then put a floor in the attic so that we can actually store things in it. Oh, and put a fan up there, too (back to the making things cooler subject).

Anna- Just one thing you might want to consider. I understand the need to paint your living room a lighter color so that it seems bigger but have you thought of still staying in the warm category? Blue is a cook color. A friend of mine put blue in her living room and it doesn't look so hot. I could understand some highlights of a darker blue against a cottage looking living room but you may want to consider a light color in the warm category. Light blues are great in baths, bedroom, laundry room but I would test patch a large portion before committing.

Anna A said...

Hi Anna,

Thanks for the reply on my question about your table. It has a nice story! I'll start searching the net with more energy now since here is my list:
(we moved to this apartment almost a year ago, and it's 2,5 times as big as the previous one, so we've really needed furniture etc...)
-living room curtains (I have a vision of the style I want, now I just need to find the fabric at a reasonable price and the time to sew)
-drawer chest to the entrance hall
-some other storing piece of furniture (a small cupboard or a drawer chest) for the living room
-a new bed for us
-baby will soon need some more furniture and curtains in his room (he still sleeps with us)
-some more artwork to hang on the walls

-and in some years the plumbing will be renovated, so I'm saving my bathroom (bathtub!)and kitchen wishes for that time. Othervise, I'm quite close to my dreamhome, I love living downtown.

Kelly said...

Well said Anna. We want to rip up the remaining carpet. And put down some tile. I just do not like carpet.
We've been in our house five years. And while we did a lot the first year we were here once I became pregnant is all ground to a halt. Just now with my daughter being almost 4 I can enlist her in some projects.
Good luck.

The Glamorous Housewife said...

When my husband and I first moved into our 'starter' home we had a two page list of what we wanted in each room. 8 years later, as I was packing our stuff to move out I found that list and we had accomplished 99% of it! It was nice to know we had achieved our goal, even if it took a long time to get there.

Anonymous said...

Light blue sounds like it would be very lovely for your walls. I have always wanted to paint a room in my house, either the kitchen or bedroom, a light yellow. I think it would really make the room bright and happy! If I could do one thing to our house, it would be to re-do our kitchen cabinets. They are about nine years old and showing their age. Or, I would make a walk-in pantry for our kitchen. That would be the BEST. Perfect for storing tons of homemade dry mixes and such! *wishful sigh!*

Persuaded said...

I think most of all, I'd like to get my house spanking clean from top to bottom.. scrub all of the woodwork, wash down all of the walls, banish the dust and cobwebs from all of the hidden corners, clean under the couch and behind all of the nooks and crannies. It's not that there aren't all sorts of tasks that need to be done, there are! Believe you me, without a fella around the house things can fall into a bit of disrepair very quickly, lol. It's just that when my house is super clean, I feel so comfy and content here... it's like nothing else matters♥

Tracy said...

My hubby and I bought a foreclosure home. There is tons to do. Paint and new carpet would be nice. I would love better built kitchen cabinets. We have done a lot already but now we have to work on cosmedics.

Anonymous said...

A backyard...well, one that is more than simply dirt.
Nurse Bee

Mrs. Santos said...

Hi Anna: Your wish list sounds very similar to mine. I have a very small kitchen also. Here's a link to one of my decorating solutions and also my desire to improve my home. I know you have a lot to read...but in case you are interested...
Blessings as you wait for your desires to be fulfilled.
Mrs. Santos