Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To be her comfort

Shira is teething, and the past few days have not been easy for us. She is restless and fussy, has had some difficulties going to sleep, and to top it all off I think she hit another growth spurt. In this period, I feel it is such a joy and privilege to be here at home, taking care of my daughter, holding, nursing and soothing her, doing everything I can to make her comfortable. More than teething toys, Shira enjoys chewing on slices of cold cucumber, but sometimes nothing helps until I can get her to sleep.

As you can imagine, I've got my hands (happily) full right now, so at this moment I will excuse myself and go back to taking care of my baby and doing some work around the house. To those who have been waiting for an email from me longer than a week, thank you for your patience

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Gothelittle Rose said...

I remember those days with my first, and in another month of so I'll be right along with you!

I would always try soothing techniques first, cuddling, rocking, etc. and when all else failed, out would come the Infant Orajel.

Quick rub around the gums and hours of blessed rest for the poor little guy.

I don't like using meds, but sometimes the baby just needs some relief...

Paulina said...

What a blessing for you to be able to be with your daughter day and night!

Anonymous said...

Teething sure is tough, on baby AND mom. But it seems like you have a great attitude about it! Keep up the good job, Shira's lucky to have a loving mommy like yourself. :)

Mrs. R said...

Hi Anna!
Teething is such a painful thing for a baby to endure.

I just wanted to make sure you knew to be extra vigilant in diaper changing during teething time. I am not exactly sure what changes (urine stronger or more acidic?) but a very, very nasty diaper rash can develop very, very quickly! So then poor baby is sore and miserable at both ends!
~Mrs. R

Bethany Hudson said...

Bless you and Little Shira, Anna. Teething is always difficult. Sophia was a late teether, so we were blessed in that she could easily amuse herself to take her mind off teething...the downside is that she is only JUST cutting her final teeth at 2 years old, so we got confused over whether she was teething or just going through the "terrible twos"! Good luck with this roller-coaster ride. You are right, though, it is a privelege to be there for it, no matter how trying.

PhDCow said...


The soothing doesn't end as they get older.

My son was having trouble falling asleep tonight, so I sat beside his bed and just sang and sang until his little hand let go of mine. He pretends to be such a big 5 year old, but there's great comfort in knowing that he still needs his mommy.

My daughter is turning 7 in a week and a half. Yet every morning, she still curls up on the couch next to me.

The situations may change, but being a comfort to your children doesn't.

I hope Shira gets relief soon! When all else failed for us, my husband would dip his finger in our Scottish clan's whisky and rub the babe's gums. Just enough to soothe the pain.


Deanna said...

Dear One,
You're on an adventure like none other. The things you will experience and learn from as they happen will probably take you by surprise.

Several things to try to ease the discomfort with a teething baby are:
1) Let the child chew on a clean, wet, cold wash cloth that the excess water has been twisted out of.

2) With your clean wet index finger GENTLY rub back and forth the baby's gums.

Happy Baby, Contented and Happy Momma!

Blessings to you,
from Kansas where the Buffalo roam...

Tereza said...

I feel the same way! It would break my heart to hand my babies over to someone else when I know they are feeling so bad.