Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where do we seek advice?

Not so long ago, I got an email from a young lady who, in her heart was prayerfully preparing for dedicating herself to a marriage and family. However, she was raised in a broken home and her parents couldn't give her the advice she needed. The advice of parents and elders is so important, and so many people in our generation are deprived when it comes to that. I wanted to share with you some of what I wrote to this young woman, without revealing the particular details of her situation.

Thank you so much for writing and sharing your heart. I truly appreciate it! I can understand you so well, because I felt the same way in college, in particular during my final year. I was completing all my assignments and taking my tests, but my heart wasn't into it at all. I was growing to love more and more the simple daily doings of a home, and could hardly wait to get married and have a family and home of my own.

In the meantime, I was stocking up on valuable practical homemaking skills - thank God for that, because I had no idea how soon I would meet and marry my husband. How thankful I am now that I spent the couple of years prior to my marriage catching up on all the basic domestic knowledge I had missed out on before! Marriage, then motherhood, just came upon me so soon and suddenly there's much less time to learn.

Like you, I didn't have too much support from my family as I was making my way to a more traditional life. I was raised by a single mother and never knew my father at all. My mother was never married and had to work full-time all her life to provide a living. When considering the issues of courtship, whether in general or with any young man in particular, wise parental counsel is such, such a blessing. But in our generation, sadly, many young women (such as yourself and me) find themselves on their own.

Without anyone to guide us, we have to exercise an extra measure of caution and care. As long as you pray, and keep your eyes focused on God and on what you would like your future family to be, all should be fine. If you haven't already, I suggest you read a post about courtship for people who come from broken homes I wrote a while back, and also what to do if you already made some mistakes along the way. I think you can still relate to a lot of what I wrote there.

Blessings, and good luck as you prepare for married life!


Mrs. White said...

Last night, I posted an article on my blog, called "Living on faith marriage." My husband and I have an anniversary today and I wrote about the ups and downs of our years together and some of the lessons I've learned. Here is the link:

Mrs. White

Pom Pom said...

What an act of love it would be for stay at home mothers to view working moms as a area of needed nurturing and help. We tend to compare our choices with others and that shifting of passion and contentment proves harmful. Nothing needs to be said to them, but thoughtful phone calls, drop offs of homemade soups and breads, fervent prayers for their children and their marriage, could lead to good things.