Sunday, August 16, 2009

A few simple life snapshots

A plate of crackers.
A bird on the grape vine.
A thoughtful gift from my husband - a few skeins of lovely, 100% cotton yarn. How wonderful it will be to sit down and make something from it.


Serena said...

Lovely, Anna. Thank you for sharing!

Margaret said...

how lovely!

I hope you enjoy the crackers, they look very tasty!

Sarah Brodsky said...

The pictures look lovely. What are you crocheting now?

Sylvia said...

You have the gift of making seemingly ordinary things beautiful with your words and pictures...

This post reminded me not to take things we take as 'ordinary' for granted. For they are the moments that make our lives unique and beautiful. Not all of life's moments will be grand though we tend to focus more on them..

I love the crackers and the bird and most of all simple, yet thoughtful gift of a husband to his wife .
A husband who knows what makes his wife happy. Priceless....Even diamonds are nothing compared to that....

God bless you,

Dawn said...

Whatcha gonna make with the yarn?

Blessings to you and yours,

Mrs. Anna T said...

I think the yarn will be made into a kippa from my husband... or perhaps several of them... to keep him interested in buying me yarn. :o))