Monday, September 7, 2009

Another find

I just love how it looks! I cleaned it out and used it for storing all our kitchen towels, which were previously crammed at the back of one of our closets - very inconvenient. I mostly kept using the ones at the top of the pile, since I couldn't reach the rest. Yesterday I discovered some kitchen towels I even forgot we had. Now they are all neatly folded in these little drawers.

One little step towards being more organized.

And... you are probably guessing already, right? It's another entirely free, exceptionally lucky find of my husband's!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it just so satisfying to put your home together using free or inexpensive finds rather than buying/charging everything new and living with a huge debt? We are seeing many of our friends lose their jobs during this terrible economy and the ones who are already in debt or paying big mortgages are the hardest hit.
Thanks for sharing your heart of appreciation for the simple and free things.
Mrs. L.

Coffee Catholic said...

Very nice!! And free??? Not bad!

We've been organizing too and now my camera works with this laptop and so I've been able to post some updated photos ~ including ones of the new mint-green broom closet!

Amy said...

Very nice! We recently rescued a wooden dining table from the compactor at our (now former) neighborhood. Sean took the table and placed it right into our POD container to be moved with the rest of our household goods.

After a paint job and minor repair, this table will become the kitchen island in our new home. Our grain mill will finally have a home of it's own, attached firmly to this table! :D

Slice of life said...

Wow, a great find

jen said...

love it-great idea!

i do the same thing with my towels-end up using the top 3 or 4



Nea said...

neatly ironed, folded and piled kitchen towels are one very true source of joy and contendness!

Anonymous said...

I'd say Yitzhak has a pretty good eye....nicely done! :o) As you say, one step toward being more organized.