Monday, September 21, 2009

My first ever yeast cakes

Hello, dear friends – I'm glad to be back online. I hope all my Jewish readers had a great time celebrating Rosh Ha-Shana, and if you are in Israel, I hope you enjoyed the wonderful coolness after the first rain of the year.

We didn't spend the holiday at home so I didn't have to do too much cooking, but I made these yeast cakes to give to family. It was my first attempt ever at making yeast cakes so I was a bit apprehensive, but luckily, I came across a great recipe so the cakes were a success. Here's the link to the original recipe for those of you who can read Hebrew, and here's the translation for the rest of you.

1 kg flour

3\4 cup sugar

3\4 cup oil

100 gr margarine (I skipped the margarine altogether and just added a bit more oil)

250 ml whipping cream (that's approximately one cup – I used the non-dairy variety)

4 eggs

50 gr fresh yeast or 2 tbsp dry yeast

1 cup of warm water

Filling of your choice (I used chocolate and date spread)

Beaten egg for brushing the cakes

Mix all the ingredients of the dough. The dough will be sticky – do not add flour at this stage. Let it rise until it doubles – it's pretty warm here and it took me about two hours. Then poke the dough a couple of times to let air out and let it rise until doubles again. Make sure you use your largest bowl for this!

Now comes the time for creativity. After the dough is rolled out and spread with filling, it can be shaped in a variety of ways. Here's what I did:

I divided the dough into 12 parts, rolled each one out and spread filling evenly on top of it. Then I rolled it in and coiled it into the shape of a snail. I made 6 snails for each baking tray, placed them close together, and put it in the oven (after brushing it with egg) where they rose and sort of blended together, making a single cake.

It took the cakes about an hour in the oven until they were ready, I don't remember the exact temperature because I kept tweaking it but it wasn't too high. I took them out of the oven when a knife came out clean out of the middle of the cake. If anyone has a more elegant method of making sure your cake is ready, you are more than welcome to share!

I prepared the cakes on Wednesday and we sampled a small bit of one of them, just to make sure I won't be embarrassed by bringing them over for people to eat – we loved it. My in-laws only served their cake on Sunday evening, and it's amazing how well it keeps in the refrigerator.

I love baking, and now that it's getting cooler I love it even more!


Emily said...

They look delicious!

Michelle said...

Very glad you had a blessed Rosh Hashannah!
We had quite a feast as well - I made dried-berry challah, Tzimmes, Dag ha Sfarim, Hungarian cherry soup, and the traditional apples dipped in Honey! Ironically I completely forgot about the pomegranates I bought :( Oh well - we may have them tonight after a very packed weekend!

It's the first time in years I've observed Hebraic tradition much since leaving the Messianic denomination and it was well worth it.

Goldnrod said...

Your rolls look lovely! They look similar to our cinnamon rolls. I wonder where I could get chocolate or date filling? Are those poppy seeds on top?

leah Burks said...

Oh, me too! I LOVE to bake, and the cooler weather gives me license to fire up the oven much more often! Good job, Anna! Leah

Lisa said...

Nice article for all. Enjoy!

Happy Rosh Hashanah, Christians
The 'Jewish New Year' is a day of judgment for all of creation. Yitzchok Adlerstein and Abraham Cooper.

Anonymous said...

They look soooo good, Anna! And the chocolate-date filling: is that something you mixed up yourself, or a product you can buy? I'd really like to give these a try....I think my family would like them. :o)


Anonymous said...

Anna, what is non-dairy whipping cream???

Anonymous said...

Wonderful accomplishment - they look delicious! I like to roll out my bread dough and spread poppy seed filling on it and then roll it back up again. Chocolate spread sounds good but probably too tempting for me. :-)
Mrs. L.

Thursday's Child said...

I'm a bit north of you (in Lebanon) and we've gotten our first real rains this week. Saturday night we had thunder and lightning like crazy and last night it stormed again and kept raining until mid-late morning. Still with thunder. After Kuwait it's nice to be back where there's some weather but enough already! LOL

Those cakes look yummy!

Front Porch Society said...

They look like cinnamon rolls! :)

Rose said...

Well done Anna! Yeast cookery can be tricky when you are starting out and even when you are experienced. The best tip I was ever given was to keep the yeast and rising dough away from drafts. Cheers, Rose

Miss Jen said...

Beautiful... isn't baking bread lovely?!

Lena said...

Yum, looks delicious!!! I will have to try it one of these days when it gets colder..:D

SweetPeaknits said...

I also have a great recipe similar for chocolate chollah. One of my favourites once its cooked!.

Happy and sweet new year to you.

MarkyMark said...


You ALWAYS make me drool over my keyboard! Those yeast cakes look yummy...


Chedva said...

I made yeast cakes for the chagim as well (made 4 rolls, gave one to a family we were invited to on the second day and one we had on the first day, the other 2 froze for sukkot) and I have a recipe that I love, but unfortunately my chocolate filling always leaks out a bit. There's still some inside, but I wish it wouldn't leak! Any tips? (For filling I spread the rolled out dough with jelly, then sprinkle with cocoa and sugar and dot with margarine. And I try to seal the rolls well.)
I drizzle a rum flavored glaze on top.

Smoochagator said...

I love baking, too! And I've been experiementing with breads more lately. This past weekend I made a delicious carrot and raisin bread - I took it to a friend's house for a party, and it was GONE in less than an hour! And on Sunday morning, I made a big breakfast for my family and tried a delicious new recipe for oatmeal and applesauce pancakes. Incredible!

Cassandra said...

That looks really good!