Monday, September 28, 2009

We survived Yom Kippur

Surprisingly enough, this fast went well enough for me, compared to Tisha B'Av two months ago, which was a hellish experience of extreme weakness. This time, I felt well and was up on my feet right until the end of the fast, and I also had enough milk for Shira so that I only had to give one supplemental bottle of milk I pumped beforehand.

Answering to those who asked, no, I do not take any liquids during fasting, it was full 25 hours without food or liquids but as I said, it went fine. I can only explain this as a little miracle which is certainly not beyond God's capability of working in the lives of those faithful to His commandments.

We are still in the upswing of holidays, preparing to celebrate Sukkot this weekend, so I expect the next few days will be busy with preparations and setting up the sukkah. I have several posts I have started to draft and write, and hope to be back posting in full swing quite soon. I'm also busy, to my immense satisfaction, with other writing projects.

In the meantime, thank you for all your kind, thoughtful notes and your prayers on our behalf. Those who emailed me and got no reply yet - I hope to send you answers as soon as I have a spare moment.

And for the time being, I'm off.

Mrs. T


Joie said...

So glad this fast went well. I agree with you that nothing is beyond God's ability but must pose a theological question. If the previous experience of fasting was "hellish" and this one was good and you credit this positive experience to God, then was the fact that the other one was hellish also due to God? Or do you believe there are many factors at work like what you ate and drank the day before, a baby who was drinking more milk and is now, maybe, taking more solids? Weather in your area being dry or humid? When we speak of theodicy and credit our good fortune to God who rewards us what then of those, like yourself, who are faithful but did not enjoy good fortune? What of Job who was righteous? The eternal question of why bad things happen to good people comes to mind. Just thoughts.

Melissa G. said...

I'm glad this fast was so much better for you!

Rose said...

Hello Anna dear, so glad that your fast went smoothly. Look after yourself.

colourdujour said...

I am sure it is a relief to you to fare so well during the fasting.

Are you able to share what you do in preparations for these "set aside days", like the one coming up sukkah. Just a thought.

Mrs. Anna T said...


Certainly I believe that my previous experience of fasting while breastfeeding was also directed by the Almighty, as all our challenges come from Him as well. I just said that if He wanted to make it surprisingly easy on me, certainly He would have been capable to do so.

Of course there are many different factors that contribute to how one feels during a fast, and here's one for you: I entered the previous fast secretly, and rebelliously thinking that I know better than all our sages, and that I'm not "supposed" to fast. I suffered greatly. I entered this fast with a meek and quiet spirit, and miraculously, it was very easy for me.