Monday, October 5, 2009

A perfect etrog

The bigger etrog is from this year. The smaller is from last year. It was kept outside the refrigerator, yet to my amazement, it was perfectly preserved. It only dried up. I cannot think of any other fruit which could be kept without refrigeration without becoming moldy. It also smells wonderfully.

I hope all you Jews out there are having a very happy Sukkot. We are preparing to host quite a lot of people here in a couple of days, so I'd better get busy!

Moadim l'Simcha!


Persuaded said...

Well, now.. I have never heard of "etrog" and have never seen one before either. I'm off to google;)

Rachel said...

I'm going to go look that up, but since I'm here, I'll ask...what is it, what does it smell/taste/feel like texture-wise. What do you use it for? Is it better as a freshly eaten fruit, or is it good dried/preserved, too? Does it make a good pie, or does it turn to mush?

Just a few questions. I know you are busy, and so I am going to go look it up, too. But something compels me to ask...just because I can... ;-)

Wenonah4th said...

What is it?

Sylvia said...

What is an 'Etrog' ? Is it a lime ? Does it taste, smell like lime ??

Happy Sukot !!!

And I would like to learn more of Becky too please.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

I would have guessed it was a peach or related to the almond family at least , I certainly guessed to small! I wonder if you only eat it as a flavoring in other things or if you can eat it ripe as is? We don't have this in Michigan USA I am sure.!

Anonymous said...

Happy Sukkot, Anna!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

That is a fine specimen !
I loved the etrog sequence in the film "Ushpizin" :-)

The Author said...

Dear Ladies,
Mrs.T has a link on the word etrog leading to a full explanation. Just thought I'd help out.

Anonymous said...


An Etrog? I think I am in agreement with the other blog posters. What is it? It looks interesting, but I have never heard of it before. Do you grow these yourself in your garden, or do you buy them at a store near your home?

Rachel said...

Hm. Having read the wiki about it, it brings more questions to


Ahuva said...

You know, after the Etrog dries up, you can open it up and plant the seeds. I've done that a couple of years. There's just something fun about tending a small Etrog plant.