Thursday, October 22, 2009

Very entertaining article about breastfeeding

Here is a link to the funniest breastfeeding article I have read in a long time. It talks about the experiences of a breastfeeding mother who had lived in Mongolia for a couple of years while she breastfed her son, and the different perceptions of breastfeeding in the Western culture vs. Mongolia.

Hat-tip to A Mother in Israel.

While I won't say I can relate to everything in this article - for example, I firmly maintain that when exposing a woman's breasts, other things should also be taken into account, apart from their functionality; and I have certainly never added my breastmilk to my morning coffee - I think this article will bring a smile upon a nursing mama's face. Personally, I giggled all the time while reading it.

Here are some funny quotes:

"If a woman's breasts are engorged and her baby is not at hand, she will simply go around and ask a family member, of any age or sex, if they'd like a drink. Often a woman will express a bowlful for her husband as a treat, or leave some in the fridge for anyone to help themselves."

"A western friend of mine who pumped breastmilk while at work and left the bottle in the company fridge one day found it half empty. She laughed. "Only in Mongolia would I suspect my colleagues of drinking my breastmilk!"

Warning: be careful if you choose to explore that blog further, contains some very anti-Jewish materials.


Persuaded said...

Anna... I'd really like to read the article, but I couldn't figure out how to get to the exact article from the link in your post. The quotes you had were soo funny... and I have to tell you a story: When my oldest was an infant, I had to return to work:( I would dutifully pump everyday and leave a small bottle of my milk in the fridge until I could bring it home. One day when I went to retrieve my breastmilk, I noticed that about a third of it was gone. I stuck my head into the staffroom and said, "Whoever took the milk from the fridge here, might be interested to know that it was actually breastmilk. One of the guys got this strange expression on his face, then opened his lips and let a stream of generously "creamed" coffee pour out of his mouth and back into the cup. My how we all did have a laugh over that... hehehe

Mrs. Anna T said...

Diane, if you click on the word "here" at the very beginning of my post, it will take you to the article.

Haha... I can imagine you had quite a laugh back then :o)

Sara said...

I enjoy your blog a lot!

I just wanted to note that your warning can be misunderstood to refer to the "A Mother in Israel" blog as opposed to the link to the blog at the top, which I think is what you meant.

MomE said...

Wow..that's very eye opening! I was surprised about everyone drinking it...although I'd heard about mums drinking it in their coffee in a pinch from my own laleche group. Very interesting...thanks for sharing..

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed that funny article. It is always annoying at how the USA seems to view breastfeeding and the way other people of the world view it! We are missing out on many laughs here because of it . I admit that making muffins one morning I ran out of store bought milk and substituted my own after pondering the situation a few minutes...Thankfully no one was killed in the experiment.

Sammy said...

"A Mom in Israel" is anti-Jewish? I don't understand.

Sammy said...

Oh, sorry. Now I see you meant the blog at the beginning of your post. But I fail to see how it is anti-Jewish. And just to be clear, I am Jewish. Please elaborate.

Mrs. Anna T said...


In my opinion, speaking against circumcision, which is a crucial element of Judaism, is anti-Jewish.

lissla lissar said...

The article was hilarious, and now I (almost) think I'm weaning too early (22 months, and weaning this week). Of course, I am five months pregnant with the next little one, and it's become pretty uncomfortable.

I too mourn the Western attitude to nursing- I've been pushed to wean since about eight months. Not by my husband, but by other relatives. It's sad that we're so uncomfortable with it.

CappuccinoLife said...

Oh wow, even my pro-breastfeeding husband would find those attitudes stunning!

What I wouldn't give to have that kind of encouragement and affirmation!

Gombojav Tribe said...

As you probably know, my husband is Mongolian and I lived there for several years when my first babies were small; one was born there. We still go back at least once a year, sometimes more. And what this article says is so true. I express milk everytime I'm there for my mother-in-law who is a doctor. She drinks it because "it's good for my liver." I've nursed other babies because their moms didn't get back soon enough from her errands. I've squirted milk in people's eyes who have pink-eye. I've expressed milk for a young man in our church who had hepatitis. There's a lot this breastmilk is good for!

Everything is so calm and supportive of breastfeeding there. It's a good place to raise babies.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious article! How fascinating. I thought I knew so much about breastfeeding, but this was new! Thanks for sharing.

I did have a look at the other articles on the site. I see what you mean about the anti-jewish thing. Sadly, the author's very vigorous anti-circumcision stance is hard to ignore.