Thursday, October 8, 2009

We've had a great time

We had about twenty people around here yesterday, which, as you understand, is quite a lot for us when it's usually just the three of us here. I was a bit apprehensive at first about how so many people would fit into a little place like ours, but that's the good thing about Sukkot - when people come, they sit outside in the sukkah and you don't have to worry about your living room being not tidy or not roomy enough.

I spent most of the two days before cleaning and cooking. At the end of yesterday, I was tired but happy as everyone told me what a great time they had before leaving. You really don't need to do anything too fancy - good simple food and generous hospitality go a lot way.

Chocolate coconut cake batter, ready to be poured into the baking pan and popped into the oven.

Sukkot is nearly over, and it was a great holiday. Looking forward to Hanukkah!


Front Porch Society said...

What is Sukkot? I haven't heard of this holiday before. :)

Tracy said...

Glad you had a great hoilday

Maria said...

Do you have any pictures of your sukkah? I would love to see them. What a wonderful tradition!

Bethany Hudson said...

"good simple food and generous hospitality go a lot way"

I couldn't agree more! This is my motto for hospitality all the time. The door is always open...and home is just the way it is!

I'm so glad you had a wonderful holiday season. For us American Christians, the holiday season is just about to start ramping up at the end of October! But, we'll meet you in December ;-)

Much love!

Anonymous said...

Anna, won't you post a picture of your sukkah? We would love to see it. Sounds like a great time - I'd love to do something like that in our back yard but the mosquitos are so bad right now, they'd eat us up in no time at all.
Mrs. L.

Bethany Hudson said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Sukkot was quite possibly my favorite holiday to help out with at the Hillel I worked for in college! I loved helping to set up our giant sukkah for the students and sharing meals there throughout the day. I lived in Southern California at the time, which definitely helped. Trying to think if I'd still like Sukkot quite as much here in Seattle, city of rain! :-P Ah, it makes me nostaligic. Catholic to the core, but I love me some Judaism!

Persuaded said...

I'm with the other commenters who are wondering about this holiday and would love to see pictures...if it's not too much trouble of course, my dear☺

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that it's been a pleasant Sukkot for you....& that everyone had such a good time at your place. I (like many others, I see!) were interested in the etrog you posted about. I had never heard of it...thanks for providing the link to read more about it. I have a feeling that I may be able to put the word to good use the next time I play Scrabble....just let anyone try & challenge!!


Dawn said...

I am hoping to try to celebrate my first Hanukkah this year. We shall see how it goes. =)

I stopped celebrating the man made pagan "holidays" that the US has deemed "Christian" and began searching in the Word of GOD for the real Biblical holidays that we are to be celebrating.

It is a wonderful thing when GOD opens one's eyes to the Truth, it really is. =)

Shabbat Shalom!

Front Porch Society said...

I have an honest question for you since you have stated you don't celebrate "christian" holidays here in the US anymore as you consider them pagan. Does this include Easter and Christmas? Both celebrate Christ and His sacrifice for us. Beyond those 2 holidays here in the US, I do not know of any other "christian" holidays you might be referring to.

Sally said...

Hi Anna, every time I read your blog and catch up I learn something new and interesting about you.
Do you have a good link with information about Jewish traditions and holidays? I am only familiar with some I read of in my Bible, but would be interested in hearing modern-day celebrations of them. Plus, my husband has Jewish roots, although by faith today we are Christians.
Thank you and bless you!
I suppose I could check my local library, too- just thought of that!

Anonymous said...


I am glad you had a wonderful holiday and think you are right. Good food and a warm, hospitable spirit is much to be preferred to a grand home and a chilly reception (I have been received in both homes and can tell you I would run to the warm and humble home in a minute :)

I would love to see the recipe you have for this coconut chocolate cake. We are allergic to dairy here so we eat vegan quite a bit. Please share when you have a moment (I know you are very, very busy).

Many Blessings :)