Thursday, November 12, 2009

The makings of a Shabbat

Pita bread looks good, doesn't it? Challah is more traditional, but pita goes better with the salads I normally serve at the beginning of the meal. But whatever we choose to make, my husband is quite the baker.

There are so many things to do it makes me feel slightly disoriented. Cooking and cleaning and ironing... fortunately, I have my to-do list to keep me on track.


Jo said...

I hope you don't mind but my 21 year old son asked me if I could ask you a you make Pototo Latkes (using matzo meal). We make them a lot (family favourite), my father taught me and I am of the understanding they are Jewish.

My son is very interested as my German ancestors were Jewish before immigrating to Australia in 1850s and there is still a fascination of our heritage.


Anonymous said...

I once jotted down your Yeminite Pitta recipe but I have still yet to try it. I must get round to it!

The Pitta's look (and probably taste) great!

Happy Hermit ( said...

Baker Husbands ROCK !!

Melinda said...

Hi Anna!
Do you make your own pita bread? When I was in Israel, I ate amazing pita bread. I tried making my own when I came back to the States but they just didn't taste the same. If you make your own, will you share your recipe?

justme27 said...

I came across this album while looking for children's music and I thought of you.

Courtney said...

That looks great! Do you have a recipe I could have? You cant buy pita bread like that where I live unless you go to a restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Will you please share your pita bread recipe? It looks delicious. Thank you for your beautiful and encouraging blog.

Mrs. Anna T said...


I make my potato latkes, usually for Hanukkah, with regular flour, though you can of course use matzo meal.

For those who are interested in the recipe for these pitas, I once posted the recipe - you can find it if you look at the "kitchen" category and scroll down.