Thursday, December 17, 2009

A visitor on the vine

There are some grapes from last summer which we didn't have a chance to take down. They dried on the vine and turned into raisins.
I expect this little guest was attracted by them, because I noticed him pecking here and there last morning. Isn't he pretty?


Leah Burks said...

Very pretty shade of blue! It's funny, we have a bluebird-albeit a much different species here in southern US-that's been hopping around our backyard every morning. I see him through my kitchen window, pecking around through the frost hoping for a bite to eat!

Happy Hermit said...

What an odd beak.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty little bird! Thank you for sharing the photo.

Pamela @ Seeds of Nutrition said...

What a beautiful bird. I enjoy your site and reading about your life in Israel. We have a bluebird here in the U.S. called the Western Bluebird. I was out taking pictures of them this Fall as they were migrating through.
At this link you can see one of my photos of them. In the header of my blog is a slideshow - there are 2 different photos of the birds that you might enjoy.
A Blessed Christmas.