Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wobbly internet connection

In the past days, our internet connection has been very unstable. Unstable as, it holds (on days it holds) about for enough time for me to check my emails and pop up a pre-written post on my blog. So, I have even less time online now than I had before, and I have despaired of replying to my emails within a reasonable range of time.

On the other hand, it's amazing how much time is freed up when you simply don't have the possibility to go online - even though I've always claimed I use the internet sparingly, I've had a lot of time freed up for other pursuits. I'm more efficient and not so easily distracted. So in a way, it has been a huge blessing.

I have a lot to say and to share with you, and I love catching up with you, but if you see it doesn't happen as regularly as before, that's the faulty internet connection.

In the meantime we are having a fun time celebrating Hanukkah. We are supposed to have guests tomorrow, for a nice and simple gathering, and I'm looking forward to telling you about it as time allows.


Maria said...

Happy Hannukah!

Rose said...

HAPPY HANUKKAH!! I hope the rest of your Holiday is very Blessed!

sarah said...

I am just curious how your internet connection works. Are you connected for free or do you have to pay for the unstable connection. (not really my business...just wondering how it works where you live) We pay $34.00 for high speed internet connection. I rarely have a problem with it, but when I do I call up the internet company and they drive over and fix it immediately.

Fruitful Vine2 said...

Enjoy the extra time doing other things. I know firsthand from when I took a blogging fast how much more I can do when the internet is not a distraction.

Dawn said...

This is my husband and I's first Haunkkah! It really has been such a blessing to us in so many ways.

It's too bad it ends soon. :(

Enjoy the rest of your Hanukkah and have a good, restful Shabbat tomorrow. :)