Sunday, December 6, 2009

Words of kindness

Caroline from She Walks in the Woods gave me a blog award. Caroline's kind words were, Anna's blog Domestic Felicity is a great read and is as thought provoking as picking up a very well written magazine. It is sure to get you thinking about your faith and what it means to be a woman of God.

Thank you so much, Caroline!

As a rule, I don't participate in blog awards, carnivals, tags and memes, simply because it's so difficult to find the time, and also because I can never choose between all the great blogs I know when it comes to passing the awards along.

Part of the award rules in this case was telling your readers 7 new things about you, and I was tempted to do that just for fun. But when I thought about it, I couldn't remember what I already told and what I didn't. Before you blame me for bad memory, remember that I'm well into my third year of blogging and wrote over 700 posts already.

So, I decided to leave it up to you, ladies. If there is something you feel curious about after reading my blog, or there is simply something you've always wanted to know about me and I never got 'round to mentioning it, you can ask, and I will try my best to answer your questions at my discretion.


Persuaded said...

First of all I want to express my deep respect (and affection♥) for you as a sister in this womanly journey we are all on... and in particular for you as a devout Jew. As a Christian I revere the Jewish people for with them are the roots of my own faith. Because of that, I am often intrigued by many of your practices, such as the celebration of Shabbat and would like to incorporate some of them into my own faith walk (and am hoping to do so in the near future)... but I wonder: would that be offensive to you or your faith? I shudder to think that something that I would be doing out of respect might be an insult in fact.
In short: how do you feel about devout Christians adopting some of the practices of the Jewish faith?

Muriel said...

Hi Anna,
I'm curious to know how many languages do you speak ?
I guess you speak at least Hebrew and English, but do you speak Russian as you come from a Russian background ?

Anonymous said...

Hello Anna

One of the questions I have is how do your family and friends feel about your transformation into a lady and has it influenced anyone close to you to follow the path that you are on now?

Secondly, how old were you when became a vegetarian and was it an ethical or health reason that changed your mind?

Blessings - Laura

Anonymous said...

I don't have a question, but I just wanted to say you really deserve this award!!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog. It's a treat to meet another highly intelligent homemaker blogger!

Michelle said...

I love your blog and I'm glad your willing to answer questions.

I've wondered about your ability to speak English. You seem to have a better grasp of English grammar, syntax and vocabulary than many (dare I say most) people who's native tongue it is!

1.) Did you learn your English skills in Israel?

2.)Does your husband read your blog?


La Femme said...

When you have time, what are you reading right now?

Anonymous said...

You have probably covered this before, but I'd love to know how you came to Israel. Were you born there or did your family move?

My husband's grandfather wants nothing more than to move to Israel, but he's in very poor health. Do you have any advice for someone who would like to come home?

Rachel said...

Perhaps a totally frivolous question--as other ladies have asked some terribly wonderful ones already--but what is/are your favorite flower/s?

Oh, another question I've never thought of but just popped into my head...(because I know many brides will incorporate their favorite flowers into their wedding...)

Do Jewish brides (orthodox or otherwise) carry a bouquet to their wedding? Or is that a Western/Christian 'thing'?

Barb said...

I love your blog - I have a friend who is from Israel, her name is Zuhar, she is a wonderful mother, wife and friend. I have always admired the Jewish faith, although I am a christian - I find love of family and love of God are something that we have in common. Thank you for your beautiful words.


Jo said...

Thank you for such an enjoyable blog: with all the unrest in the world it is lovely to see people from different walks of life interested/curious in how others live.

I thoroughly enjoy reading each of your entries and the comments that follow _ have learnt a lot so far:)

Luci said...

Do you have any idea of how many hits your blog has had since its beginning? I know you have so many visitors and was curious to know the sum total! :)

A Joyful Chaos said...

Do you know which tribe of the Israelites are your ancestors? And is your husband from the same tribe?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna ---

A question : how do you feel about this blog changing a lot of perceptions (and perhaps lives, as I gathered from reading this blog for over 2 years) and challenging the 'typically accepted' norms of the Western perception of femininity?

And have you met any friend from blogosphere in real life? Just curious. :)

Thank you for taking the time to answer!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you speak Russian to Shira or if you plan on teaching her to read Russian when she is older so that she will be able to enjoy some of your old books or family recipe books etc?

Betsy mom of three said...

I'm curious about the logistics of covering your hair.

How does covering your hair work in a practical sense once you have children? Are they allowed to see your hair as close members of the family or maybe up until a certain age? If not, how does it work with things like going to bed at night? I know my children will occasionally wake up and come into my room while I sleep, because of nightmares, restlessness, etc.

When you let your hair down around the house for your husband (that sounds romantic to me) do you close all your curtains so the neighbors can't see in?

Do you consider your being seen with uncovered hair as something as private as being seen completely unclothed? Or is it less private, like is it something other women might see but not men? (Like I might arrange my knee stockings or nurse more openly in a room of only women, but never in front of men) What about doctors?

Thank you!