Thursday, January 14, 2010

The government and the Almighty

Not long ago, a reader who wrote to me demanded that I justify certain actions of our government. Though I always try to avoid discussing politics here, I felt a general clarification was in order.

We do not associate ourselves with the government. Sure, we're law-abiding citizens (though we aren't always treated as such), we pay our bills and vote and all, but our loyalty does not lie with the government, or with the modern state of Israel. Our loyalty, instead, lies with the Biblical land of Israel, with the place we call home, and with our fellow Jewish people.

However wise, however convincing, however authoritative our official representatives may sound, the fact remains that most of them do not honor God, and therefore their judgment will always be twisted and lacking. There is little we can do about it, except console ourselves with the fact that God is in control and He is ever faithful.

Though I do not often write about it here on the blog, there is a darker side to our lives. We strive to live a normal life, and indeed, our day-to-day rhythm is calm and quiet. I share with you my daily activities of baking cakes or hanging clothes on the line, of basking in the glory of nature and open skies. We live in a beautiful, clean, quiet place. But yes, there is also a darker side.

There is instability and danger, and many streets called after people who were brutally murdered a mere year or two or three ago. If I start expanding on this, I will have to open a whole new blog with a different theme, and I do not have the time or mental energy to cope with that. Perhaps my husband might open such a blog, and then I'll lend him a hand – but I won't do it myself. I'm first and foremost a wife and mother, a keeper of the hearth and gates of my home.

I believe this is the closest I have ever come to raising a political issue here, or rather, as was my intention, to explaining just why I try to keep away from politics. They are flippantly changeable, unstable, unreliable, untrustworthy. God's divine instruction is eternal. We can never do wrong by abiding by His laws. The sense of peace this knowledge gives is overwhelming.


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Wonderful post, Anna.

We Americans should probably follow suit.

Rose said...

My dear Anna,

I have the most tremendous admiration for the way you conduct your blog, partly because of the conflict you live within and partly because of the way you offer your thoughts. I have my own opinions and ideas about your part of the world but I don't live where you do so I cannot know fully what life is like for you.

I think that what you offer us is wonderful and I thank you for it.

Your Aussie friend, Rose

Thursday's Child said...

Wonderful reply, Anna. You're eloquent as usual.

Raquel said...

Anna, this is a very good post. I live in the States and indeed, I do not agree with a lot of what my government says and does. But I do abide by those laws. I also exercise my right to vote. God is in control of my life. Much love - Raquel XO

Lady Anne said...

Well, if it's any comfort, politicians are obviously the same all over the world. Even if an individual acts in accordance with his or her own view of God's will, the Lord speaks to each of us differently, so even in a religious state such as Israel, there are divergent ideas of How Things Should Be Done.

Life is like a piece of needlepoint. God is working the design from above, and it is lovely to Him. We only see the underneath, and any needlewoman knows how messy that looks! We'll have to wait until we can also view the design from the top to completely understand what the Lord has in mind for us.

Otter Mom said...

Obviously, it's not quite the same in America as Israel. We're not in the same amount of physical danger. But as a conservative, traditional Christian I often feel like our government is not really representing us at all. All we can do is pray, for the direction our contry is being taken, and for the way the world in general is going. We frequently feel like we are being made to look like we are wrong or the "bad guys" because we have a moral standard that we try to uphold. It is hard, when the rest of the world acts like morals are a thing of the past. It would be easier certainly to just go with the flow of things. But it wouldn't be the right thing to do. As a parent, it's even more imperative that we uphold our standards and teach our daughter the right way to go and that it isn't always the easiest way.

Brooke H. said...

I agree with you. I'm over here in the States, and we always remind ourselves that we may have been born here (or live here as citizens now), but in reality we are citizens of heaven first and foremost. Nations will rise and fall, but children of God always have an eternal national identity above and beyond all others.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing about this. We have a similar situation in the US, with unscrupulous political leaders. It is really important to focus on the eternal laws of God, and His promises to the faithful. Otherwise, we and our children may become embittered, and have our joy stolen from us. Evil men have always existed, and always will. But God and His true word will stand forever. Amen.

Rebecca said...

I've always wondered if any of the political aspects of your region affected you directly. But I've always respected your decision to keep your blog focused not on political matters but on your home and family. Thank you for sharing a bit of how your country's leaders affect you and yours.

I wish you peace and hope that you and your family are always safe. These are turbulent times everywhere and it's sometimes hard not to get caught up in feelings of despair. You seem to do well to keep your focus on those positive aspects of your life. May that always be true.

Rachel said...

You know, in a way, Anna, while you are speaking of Israel, and I'm speaking of the US...

When leaders lose sight of the Almighty, and His commandments, and fail to seek His will, then there *will* be problems...

Anonymous said...

Well said!

I remember being subjected to angry accusations from a lady of Pakistani origin regarding the injustice of British rule, and the division of her homeland from India. (I'm British, living in the US.) I was rather at a loss as to how to respond, as it all happened before I was born. When she finally wound to a halt, the response that popped into my head was, "You know, if they'd consulted us women about it all, maybe it would have been done differently." And we were able to laugh about it together.

I'm sure there is no country on earth where every citizen or subject agrees with everything their government does. It's rather funny that without thinking we somehow assume there is!

I enjoy your peaceful and inspiring posts about your home life - if I want darkness, fear and chaos, any news program will provide it in overwhelming quantities.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anna T.,

Please don't feel obligated to respond to such impolite requests. I think it is rude for someone to "demand" such of you. You are just trying to live your life, so please continue to do so. Politics is a horribly heated topic, and I don't blame you for not wanting to talk about it.

Many people have leaders that are undesirable; does that make the citizenry responsible for all the leaders' decisions?? No, of course not.

Thank you for your lovely blog and for sharing your life with us.

~ Zipporah

Susanna said...

Thanks for posting this. I appreciate your focus on keeping your home, but now I have a better picture of how to pray for you. Thank you, also, for putting into words what I think so many of us often forget - that we needn't look to government (in any nation) for ultimate security, because that ultimate security can only be found in the Lord. Blessings!

Mrs. Anna T said...

Lady Anne, I'm not sure I'd define Israel as a religious state. The majority of people who represent us in the government and media aren't religious, and most of the laws are secular as well.

The religious population, however, is on the rise. Not just because we have more children, but also because of people like me, who become religious later in life.

leah Burks said...

I identify with you completely when it comes to my view of our government. Our current leadership here in America is dangerous, irresponsible, and very unwise and it is scary at times to see how they are damaging our nation. But God is on the throne, and He alone is in real control.

Lina said...

Beautiful post!

Indeed, our God is unchanging and His Laws are the only thing we can trust.


Jo said...

I doubt politicians of any persuasion (in any country) following the word of God that tells us to remain separate from the world. They enter parliament with their own agendas and it most certainly isn't Gods agenda.

Thank you Anna for this entry.

Michelle said...


Your gracious response is a blessing for me to read.

I guess despite our differences, (conservative)Christians and (conservative) Jews have much in common don't we?

Our president does not seek God in any matter....and I wonder how long before God's patience with America runs out.

I am much like you. I vote. I pray. But politics are not something I often go into. I feel I can not believe anything that most politicians say. When it comes time to vote again, I will go look at the candidates voting records and vote based on that.

I do want you to know that I'm glad you don't post about politics. I read your blog because it is an encouragment to me as my husbands help me as a maker of the home. I do not find politics encouraging very much.

However, I'm sure your political views would be fascinating.

I'm sorry people are rude to you about things such as this (or over any other thing). There is excuse for rudeness.

Mrs. Santos said...

Thank you for this post.

Lady M said...

I am sorry that someone thought you had all the answers as to why the politicians do what they do. We cannot explain it here in the USA as they try to shove thru some things that a large percentage of the population does not want.

I was thinking of you and your family the other day as I listened to a radio show. They mentioned that they were getting ready to distribute gas masks to the citizenry again. Praying that G-d will keep you and your family safe.

Anonymous said...

That reader is extremely immature. How could anyone assume that a woman with your intelligence and your beliefs would be

a) Able, or indeed willing, to justify every action of the government of her country, and

b) Untouched by the conflict in which her country exists.

I am sorry for you, and angry on your behalf. Nobody is ignorant of the problems Israel suffers. How could they approach you like that?

Analytical Adam said...

I hope so Mrs. Anna. My only comments is this applies to Rabbi's as well when they violate the torah or are doing things in certain ways because they will get funding from the government or other sources that are immoral sources or to have more control over other Jews.

I don't want to sound so holy as I one point in my own life I kissed up to Rabbi's and some people in the observant world even though I didn't like what was going on and thought they were ignorant when of course they knew what they were doing was wrong and at the end when I had a problem they weren't there for me which I have should have known since they don't take G-d seriously.

Sometimes I feel you make excuses when Rabbi's violate the torah and that is puting Rabbi's honor above loving and fearing G-d as Judaism does not believe Rabbi's are G-d and throughout history we had many false prophets that the later prophets discuss. And even our leaders have been imperfect and the torah mentions their imperfections.

The biggest issue with this is that the writing is on the wall that the Rabbi's don't completely love and fear G-d (and punish those who have legit issues with them) and it may come back at you and G-d will not at that time be with you because G-d felt you put the Rabbi violating G-d above what G-d wants.

When the Jews wanted a king Shmuel warmed the Jewish people that, yes, you can have one but he may abuse his power (as giving one individual so much power does) and if that happens and you cry out to G-d, G-d will not listen because you were warned in the first place. (Shmuel 8:18)

The same applies when relgious leaders abuse their power and promote idea's that harm the rank and file Jew but gives them more control over everyone.

The other problem with this is that it distorts the relgion when people violate the torah and make excuses for it or make special rules for themselves and nonreligious people get a distorted view of the religion or think Judaism is a very controling relgion which I think is not true as G-d does have many rules but there should be some compassion and G-d wants us to think and ask questions and not just be a bunch of slaves.

Buffy said...

Personally I think politics and Faith do not and should not mix. We will not find our salvation through any politician or political party. I know that in the States religion and politics are often bedfellows, but it doesn't really happen in the UK.

MarkyMark said...

They are flippantly changeable, unstable, unreliable, untrustworthy. God's divine instruction is eternal. We can never do wrong by abiding by His laws. The sense of peace this knowledge gives is overwhelming.