Sunday, January 17, 2010

Superb mousse cake

Last week, my husband found some whipping cream for a price that was too good to miss, and expressed his wish for some special dessert. Well, you can probably guess that few things gladden my heart like making a fancy cake. I tried a new recipe for a mousse cake, which came out simply superb. My husband told me, without exaggeration, that this is the best mousse cake he ever tasted.

The original recipe (alas, in Hebrew) can be found here. I made a few alterations and simplifications, which I include in the version I'm posting here.

For the foundation, I took:

100 gr soft butter

3 eggs, whites separated from the yolks

1\4 cup sugar

100 gr melted dark chocolate

Approx. 1\2 cup grated nuts (I used walnuts)

Beat egg whites with sugar until you get firm peaks. Blend together egg yolks, butter, and melted chocolate. Mix together with the egg whites and add grated nuts. Bake at medium heat for approx. 20 minutes.

Then I prepared the mousse:

Take about 2 cups of whipping cream (I used a bit less)

3-4 tbsp. of halva spread (if halva spread isn't common where you live, almond butter can be used).

About 3 tbsp. of instant pudding mix of your preferred flavor

Mix, blend and whip it all together until you get a light, delicious cream.

Pour cream over the foundation and decorate with chopped nuts, grated chocolate, or whatever your heart desires.

Freeze overnight and serve straight from the freezer.

As it's a very rich dessert, it should be enjoyed in small portions. If you have the willpower to resist demolishing it all in one go.


Serena said...

This sounds and looks amazing!

Ganeida said...

A cake after my own heart ~ though I don't think I have the necessary self~restraint to indulge. ☺

Jenn@Spejory said...

This sounds like a scrumptious dessert. I love that it goes in the freezer so it can be saved for later. With Valentines Day coming up (don't know if you celebrate in Israel) it could be made heart-shaped for a special dinner.

elena rulli said...

It seems delicious... Maybe too much ;)
Thanks for sharing this recipe!

Anonymous said...

Sounds scrumptious. Not knowing any less calorie-laden alternative to sesame-rich halvah, since whipped cream is air-filled fat globules, why not consider less calories with whipped chocolate pudding in gelatin or agar? I think that kind of mousse might be a bavarian. Once, I made something with more solid chocolate-'flavored' gelatin layered with peanut butter mousse. (My sister in Rome says she can't buy peanut butter in the shops, but imagine that other nut 'butters' are more popular in Europe and Middle East, like halvah.)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Anna,

Hope you are doing better!

Your blog is an inspiration to me, so thank you.

Amy said...

Looks yummy. :)