Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A song about housework

A blog reader shared a song about housework with me, and it put a smile on my face on a rather gloomy day, when I was just about to head out of the house to do some boring work outside. I decided, in my turn, to share the song with you. Apparently it was written sometime in the 1940's, but I feel it fits very well to these days!



I'm so tired of working in an office
And it's making me blue
There is work that don't require an office
That I'm anxious to do

Homework, I want to do homework
Instead of an office, I want to work home

Staying at home and crocheting
And meekly obeying
The guy who comes home

A cozy kitchen to be in there pitchin'
Is the thing I'm longing to do
To be there learning when a steak needs turning
And just what goes into a stew

Homework, I want to do homework
A genius who sits and plans with pots and pans at home
A genius who bakes a pie that keeps a guy at home

Homework, I want to do homework
Instead of an office, I want to work home

Messing around with French dressing
And slightly impressing
The guy who comes home

I long to settle with a steaming kettle
And a frying pan and a pot
And be the keeper of a carpet sweeper
That's the one ambition I've got

Homework, I want to do homework
A genius who has a way that makes him stay at home
A genius who has what takes that makes or breaks a home

Homework, I want to do homework
Instead of an office, I want to work home

Patching his trousers and matching
The part that keeps scratching
The guy who comes home

A table wiper who can change a diaper
Is the thing I'd like to be best
And be the master of a mustard plaster
When the cold goes down to his chest

Homework, I want to do homework
A genius who does her part so he don't start to roam
A genius who earns her keep that makes him sleep at home


And now, I'm off to do some much needed work right here at home! (PS: I disabled anonymous comments due to receiving a lot of spam, most of which was anonymous. You don't have to have a blog to comment, just sign in as OpenID).


Anonymous said...

I love this post! I was smiling while reading the words to this song!! Love it. Also love the pic you chose for this post. I love your blog Anna. Enjoy your outdoor work! It is a very gloomy day here with lots of rain & cold.

Take care! ~Evie

Persuaded said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! I absolutely adore this!!!!

(sorry about the shouting... I just lost control for a second. yeah)

Do you happen to know if "A song about housework" is the actual title of the song? I'd love to be able to look this up and find the music that goes along with the words or possibly even a recording of this.

Lady Anne said...

Oh, Anna! I love that song. I can just imagine the tune! Is it still under copywrite? I'd like to send it to some friends.

My Thoughts and Musings said...


Thank you for sharing this, it is lovely!

This is exactly how I feel, only I am still working in an office. (God willing this will change soon.)

Blessings to you and your family!


Mrs. Anna T said...

Diane, I think the title of this song is "Homework." I'll try to look it up too.

Persuaded said...

Thanks Anna... I see you have that title up! It is such a darling song- it just made my day to read it. Thanks for sharing☺

sara said...

I'm pretty sure that's an Irving Berlin song.

AnneK said...

I wish this estimable lady could come to my house and work for free since she loves housework so much :) While I love being with my baby at home, I honestly still don't like housework.

Neuropoet said...

I would love to hear the music to this song!! :) If anyone finds it please post where I can find it too! :)


Lady-in-the-Making said...

I love this. I work 8 hours a day in an office and my heart is at home. I wish I knew how the tune goes. This is sweet.

Thursday's Child said...

Cute song! I'd like to hear it too. Coming from the 40s I bet it's pretty lively too.

Becky said...


It is a song by Irving Berlin called "Homework" and you can listen to a sample of the song here

DawnM said...

You can listen to the song here:

http://mog.com (you can sign up for a one-hour trial).

Once you sign up, you can find the song under the artist "Fran Warren", the album "Essential Masters", the song "Homework".

Anonymous said...


What a great little song! I enjoyed it very much, for it put a smile on this homemaker's face. :)

~Mrs. Lady Sofia~

Gombojav Tribe said...

You can purchase just the song, without buying the whole album, on itunes for 99cents! It's on the Miss Liberty album with the original Broadway cast.

Hope that helps! Could get a lot of inspiration and motivation for 99cents!!! :-)