Sunday, March 21, 2010

Making something soft and cuddly

Here is something else I've wanted to share: a baby blanket I've been making during the past couple of months, at odd moments snatched here and there. I wanted to go for something really simple this time, something that would allow me to do an occasional couple of stitches whenever the time allows and without having to look at a pattern. I'm making it from the yarn left over from the projects I did before Shira was born.

Speaking of simplicity, this is a whole subject I would love to have a good long ramble about, and hope to do so soon, perhaps even before Pesach, if there is time.

Thank you all for all your sweet notes in the comments and emails regarding our latest big news. Your congratulations and well-wishes are very much appreciated.


Rose said...

Lovely work Anna. I always have at least two projects going - a pick up and put down and one that requires more concentration. I'm in a different season of life to you so applaud the pick up put down type for you right now. You'll do more and enjoy the creative outlet.

Renee Lake said...

Hello from Pensacola Florida. I just wanted to say congratulations on your big news! Though I'm not Jewish and not a young mother, children are all grown and I have 3 grandchildren, I so enjoy reading your blog. I've always said that people are more alike than they are different, no matter where they live. I believe we all essentially want the same things; a happy home, safe healthy children, and the freedom to live our lives as we believe they should be lived. By the way, you posted a picture of a duck and I had to chuckle. We have the same type of ducks here in Florida. I believe they are officially called Muskogee ducks, but we affectionally call them "ugly ducks." They aren't pretty, but seem to be very tough and resourceful. They have to be here since we also have a whole bunch of alligators that live near our ponds, lakes, and even the golf course where my husband works. Good Luck and God Bless.

Miss Vintage said...


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Cheers and congratulations for your pregnancy, Cheers^^

Lori Lynn said...

What beautiful work! I don't know what you call the pattern, but in Alabama we call it a granny square. That's one of my favorite patterns to crochet!