Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pesach is now really close...

How do I know? Well, just the fact that I'm frantically deep-cleaning my kitchen today is enough to tell. :o) Many things are laid aside for the moment, including correspondence - emails have been so numerous lately that I simply can't keep up with them all for now, and will probably have to wait until Pesach is over to even start making a dent in the pile. I do hope all the dear ones who have written and are waiting for a reply will understand. I would also like to remind everyone that the only email I currently regularly keep up with is, and if you have written to another email, it might take me weeks to even see your note. 

In the meantime, here are a couple of photos from a stroll around a local mini-zoo, last Friday. 
Shira, enjoying herself in the grass.
A couple of goats in their corner. The goats have recently had some adorable babies, but unfortunately, we didn't manage to get any good photos of the little ones, as they were shy and kept to the center of the enclosure, or else were skipping around without making it possible for us to capture them in a photo.
The colors of this flower are so expressive. All photos are courtesy of my talented husband.
A peacock, also in the mini-zoo. Even though we couldn't convince him to unfold his tail, he's gorgeous. I just love his colors, he's glittering like a jewel.
The hen was far more complacent when it came to showing off her tail.

A beautiful local mountain view.

Ancient fields, separated by stone hedges. 

The atmosphere here is simply ecstatic. Everyone are rolling up their sleeves and working, working, working all day long, occasionally coming out to relax for a few minutes in the warm sun and share their triumphs with neighbors who are likewise catching their breath, or trimming their gardens. The lights don't go out until late at night, and every nook and cranny in every house is scrubbed clean. I'm looking forward to the magnificent moment when it's all over and Pesach arrives, and all over the Jewish world, people will sit down at splendid Seder tables. 


~ Evielena~ said...

Beautiful post! I especially love the last paragraph. I am not Jewish but I keep Passover and The Days of Unleavened Bread. I'm in the process of cleaning every nook & cranny of my home and vehicle. I'm looking forward to making lots of unleavened bread! I love this time of year! Enjoy Pesach, Anna. Wishing you many blessings...

Rose said...

Anna, little Shira is becoming mighty independent I see. I especially like the last photo, we don't have stone hedges anywhere.

Anonymous said...


I am a somewhat regular reader of your blog, always encouraged by it, and when I opened it today and noticed the pregnancy ticker, I was so thrilled! What a blessing! How exciting! I am always so happy when I hear that a new life is here, especially one that will be born into a wonderful family. It will make your family all the more joyful to have another member! Congratulations!!!


Gombojav Tribe said...

We are studying world history in our homeschool and we are currently in the middle of Joseph in Egypt. So, we have decided to observe Passover this year. I've been to a Seder several years ago. But, this will be my first time to do it in my home. I'm soooo excited! I'm doing my best to do it right. I have stacks of books and have asked help of friends who are observant.

This week I took the kids on a tour of a Holy Land Exhibition that has all sorts of antiquities and relics from the Holy Land. There I bought my own Seder plate imported from Israel.

Our homeschool is coming alive this week! :-)

Anyway, as I prepare my home and Seder table I will be thinking of you! God bless your Passover!

Thursday's Child said...

Have a wonderful holiday! Holy Week is sneaking up on me...maybe I should take a cue from you. ;)

Neuropoet said...

Anna - we are in full preparation mode too (for our Holy Week and Pascha celebrations) - and it's so encouraging to know I'm not the only one trying to get everything ready!

These pictures are beautiful - the peacocks remind me of the ones at my mom's house. We have no idea where they came from (they're not native to the Pacific Northwest at all), but they've been around for over a year now. I wonder if I can photograph one with his tail up - they really are lovely...


Sunny said...

Anna, I would be interested to hear your point of view, as an observant (Orthodox?) Jewish woman about the trend among Christians to be "Torah observant".

This is something that has recently come to my attention, and I am hearing from my American Jewish friends that they find this rather offensive, as it seems that these "Torah observant christians" pick and choose what they will follow. They will say, for example, that they are celebrating Shabbat and will give examples of their meals. These meals are not even close to kosher, (example--cheeseburger soup), and many substitute grape juice for wine.

Is this type of thing offensive? Is it ridiculous? I know how I feel--I think it's a combination of ridiculous and offensive.

I know you are way too busy to answer right now, but I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Sunny said...

Opps, forgot to add--the pictures of the countryside and ancient fields are beautiful, and I loved your last paragraph. It evokes a sense of ritual, and thinking about the many generations who have done this over the centuries is humbling.

Mrs. Anna T said...


I don't see something wrong with Christians observing *some* Jewish traditions. It isn't forbidden. However I do raise an eyebrow when a Christian calls himself "Torah observant", as of course no Christian observes all the 613 commandments given to the Jews with the holy Torah.

Even worse, some actually go and call themselves "Jewish", thus potentially misleading Jews who may not be very familiar with their heritage.

Coffee Catholic said...

How swiftly our babies grow! And to think that soon you'll have another baby!! I'm so happy for you, Anna.

Wendy said...

Your husband is a fantastic photographer!!
These photos are awesome!
Thank you, and Blessings,
Faith's Firm Foundation