Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sprouting out of the earth

Over a year ago, when I was in the hospital with Shira newly born, I received a lovely gift of narcissus in a pot, from my mother.

When I came home, we planted the bulbs, and to tell the truth, forgot all about them for many months.

A year later, they sprang back to life and are now blossoming just beautifully in my little garden.

What a sweet memory.


Marianne said...

awww... the symbolism is so sweet too.

Anonymous said...

That will be a lovely reminder each year.

My parents planted a tree in their yard when each of their grandchildren were born and we would take a picture of them each year with "their" tree.

Sadly, they don't live in that house anymore but the trees, as far as I know, are still there and growing.

J in VA

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful reminder of Shira's birth.

Christine said...

My parents also planted trees when each of us were born. It was better than any other baby gift we could have received because we have been able to enjoy them our whole lives.

Tracy said...

So pretty and a great way to remember your daughters birth