Sunday, April 25, 2010

A couch makeover

Some of you might remember that we inherited a 2-seat and 3-seat couches, and a matching armchair, from the previous house owners. We presently use only the 3-seat couch and the armchair, because we simply don't have the space in our living room to squeeze in the 2-seat. The couches are sturdy and comfy, and we'll probably stick with them for a couple of years longer at least. 

They come in a flowery pattern which we like, but we've been using covers because we realize that without a cover, the couches will probably soon be in need of re-upholstering, which would be way too much trouble. 

This is the original cover from the set we inherited with the couches and armchair. You can't see it very well in the picture, but it's getting threadbare in some places and torn in others. It was really time for a makeover. 

Finding the right couch cover wasn't easy. The first set we tried was too small to fit - apparently they make furniture smaller these days. We had to look for something more old-fashioned, and once we found it, we were told it's even no longer manufactured. I suppose we were pretty lucky. 

Deep blue. I like it. 


momto9 said...

It's wonderful when you find something that works!

Luci said...

The new color is gorgeous! It's especially lovely next to your walls. Thanks for sharing! :)


AnneMarie said...

Looks great!

Anonymous said...

This really freshens things up, doesn't it? If you're anything like me, you tried & tried to make that previous cover work out, maybe shifted the position of the holes a wee bit....or told yourself it wasn't that bad. Sometimes, though, the need to go ahead with an upgrade just can't be put off any longer! :o)


Thursday's Child said...

I love it! My favorite color is blue so I'm a bit biased.

Amy said...

The new color is very pretty! I love blue. :)