Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pregnancy update

As you can see above this post, I updated my pregnancy ticker. Yesterday, we went for an ultrasound, and the doctor confirmed what I already suspected: that although I'm officially 24 weeks along, it actually seems more like 22 weeks - which ties in with my original suspicion that I became pregnant later than I was "expected" to.

He suggested to update the gestational age and due date, and conduct all follow-up accordingly. This will become very important close to the end of this pregnancy - I don't want to be pressured to induce at 40 weeks, thinking that I'm 42 weeks along!

And just while we're on the subject of follow-up for pregnant women, I must say how grossly inefficient the system around here is. Honestly, if I did all the tests and check-ups that were suggested to me, even if only just the ones I could have for free, I would pay a high price in travel costs, energy, time, and a disruption in my home life. Why would I need a monthly visit just to monitor my weight and blood pressure? This can be done so easily at home.

Also, unfortunately, there is virtually no alternative system (such as affordable private care by licensed midwives). We're just stuck with the only clinic within reasonable distance, and are trying to make the best of it.

PS: And... as to the big question... whether we are having a boy or a girl this time - I think I'll keep you all in suspense just a little bit longer. :o)


The Hillbilly Housewife said...

I pray that it does not become 'high risk' as it did for me this time...weekly ultrasounds, stress tests,monitring by two different types of docs...too much time! (But, of course well worth it)

Luci said...

Thank you so much for the update!!! I'm waiting with bated breath to see what you're having... I am going to guess it's a boy. Blessings to you and your growing family!!


Jenna said...

Well, judging by the looks of your ticker at the top, I'm guessing another girl. :) Glad you were able to have your suspicions confirmed about not being as far along in this pregnancy.

Anna Cotton said...

I'm 22 weeks.

I understand not publically sharing the gender just yet. I didn't share publically either, just with select friends and family.

We have the same sort of system in the US with monthly checkups for weight and bloodpressure. Additionally, the doctor checks the heart beat, which is pretty cool to hear, especially before I could feel movement and didn't feel particularly pregnant. Now the baby is large enough to let me know he/she's growing inside.

Pregnancy is so amazing, such a miracle. It's hard to believe that God gave gifted women so they could support and grow little people inside. I'm struck every day, especially looking at the ultrasound pictures about the miracle I'm experiencing.

Pinkkihelmi said...

I love to hear you are doing fine!
I'm 17 weeks today. First, time crawls, it flies, now!

Leah Burks said...

That's so cruel of you, not telling us the gender! Just kidding of course, but the ticker baby is wearing pink...God bless you today, Anna!

Kacie said...

Aw man, I don't like suspense! Tell us soon, ok? :)

I do think some of the prenatal visits can be so unnecessary, especially for healthy women.

But they can also detect problems early on, such as gestational diabetes or pre-ecclampsia. These conditions can sometimes be detected by urinary analysis at each visit (does your doctor do that?).

With both of those, early intervention is important!

I know you have good nutrition so both of those things are not likely to happen to you, but it's good to just be prepared in case.

Best wishes for a healthy remainder of your pregnancy!

Claudia said...

So, is it twins then? -Just teasing you! :) Best wishes and prayers for your continued well-being,


Lisa said...

I agree that some of the tests are unnecessary. My friend's doctor took two cultures from her, one at the beginning of the pregnancy and one at the end. I asked her what they were for. It turns out they were testing for STDs! My friend has been married for eight years! She doesn't have multiple partners. Talk about unnecessary. They've could have saved those costs by relying on the written history in her chart.

Mrs. V said...

Hooray for babies! They had my dates wrong w/ my first & wanted to induce at 40 weeks; I had to sign several AMA's (against medical advice) & he was born at 43 weeks, only 7lb. & perfect. They did keep a close eye on fluid levels & possible calcification of the placenta but I do think either their dates were wrong or it just isn't a travesty to go late. Incidently I found your blog while trying to remember mine's address; Didn't you used to have another blog where I used to read from you on LAF? Congratulations!

honeybee said...

Glad that you got your gestational age and due-date adjusted.

As a former NICU nurse, I saw too many mothers who were induced too early and whose infants ended up on ventilators. Even with ultrasound -- it's not an exact science.

I'm so happy you will have peace of mind about that!

Table Poetry said...

It's so exciting to welcome another baby.

I never did ALL the check-ups they offer at healthcare. But I was glad they were available. After all, it's practically free in Israel, and most of these are not invasive procedures (blood check, urine check, weight, blood pressure). You have a background in health, so you could probably manage to do most of them at home. But most of us are not thus educated, and it's great we have the option to be so monitored.

Most people do not live far away from a mother's health centre. In fact, I've lived in several cities and never been more than a 5 min drive away. So the system works for the bulk of us. But I agree absolutely, an alternative must be encouraged for those who live in isolated areas. Perhaps a course to teach pregnant women how to take blood pressure, check a urine test, etc?

Mrs. Anna T said...

Lisa, I was very surprised as well when I saw they checked for Syphilis in my blood tests. Even my doctor had to laugh about it, she knows how ridiculous this is but is bound by the health policy.

Tammy, even a 5 minute drive can become a challenge when you live in an area with no public transportation and your only car is taken by your husband to work from morning until night, 5 days a week.

But anyway, it's so easy to measure your own blood pressure. And urine sticks should just be routinely handed out to patients, I believe.

Elisabeth said...

I'm eager to find out whether you'll be blessed with a girl or boy! Please do tell us soon!

Silvia said...

Just came across your blogg a few months ago - searching for a cheescake recipe :-) now I find myself coming back every now and then and want to congratulate you to your pregnancy. I'm second time round pregnant as well - first one is a girl - as with number one, again we didn't find out this time what sex our baby is and are looking forward to get to know in about 5 weeks...
All the best for your pregnancy, keep up your nice blog!