Monday, April 19, 2010

Time spent in prayer, a priceless treasure

One of the most precious times, and the highlight of my day is the time I manage to snatch in the morning, while the house is still asleep, to pray and simply be with God. Sometimes it's a long time, sometimes shorter, but even the shortest stretch of time of lifting my heart up in prayer is a treasure and works wonders in the life of my family and beyond.

I start with the standard set of morning prayers, and then proceed to personal prayers and requests. I pray for my family, and myself, and for my husband and daughter separately. Sometimes about things in general and sometimes about something more specific which I know is needed at the moment, be it physical or spiritual. If there is time, I also pray for other people who, as I know, are needy of that.

There are days when I wake up to so much to do, the house sometimes still being messy from yesterday, that I'm tempted to forgo the prayer time and just rush off to do chores. However, I have come to know that a day started off with prayer, sincere thankfulness, and pouring out my heart to God, will bring forward much peace and sweetness with it, even if other things are seemingly – and only seemingly - delayed. In this case the longer road is actually shorter.

Other people could do my household chores, but no one could love and pray for my family the way I am meant to. I know it is one of the most important gifts I can give my loved ones and myself, and what's even better - it is freely there for giving and taking. Nothing can replace the deep sense of contentment that washes over me after I have spent that special time dedicated to being alone with God. I pour out all that is in my heart, even if it's too complicated to put into words, and I know He understands, and I come away encouraged and uplifted. Things I cannot tell anyone, I tell Him, and He is always most loving, thoughtful and considerate, and my burdens are lifted off my shoulders, and what He plants in my heart is good and right.

I have found that virtually the only opportunity for me to have such a peace-filled stretch of time is to get up before anyone else does, and be alone while the house is asleep. Admittedly, it means that I get less sleep than I might have had otherwise, and getting up isn't always an easy task. I do not want to set an alarm clock because I try not to wake my husband, and so the only way left is to simply pray, before I go to bed, to wake early the next day. And usually it works. He is ever close to those who seek Him.

If it's still dark, I might light candles, and enjoy their flickering flames as I contemplate the day/week ahead of me. I like to think and plan on what there is to be done, and if there is time, I make a start on the many things that are to be done at home. But even if there isn't, my heart is at peace: He is walking with me along every step of the way.  


Claudia said...

A beautiful post, Anna. Thank you!


Alysa said...

Beautiful :)

I needed this.

May your time in prayer continue to be a blessing to you!

Buffy said...

Very inspiring. It's so easy just to feel you have to "jump start" the day and don't have time for getting your spirit, mind and emotions into order.

Cherish said...

What a lovely post, and so true.

Persuaded said...

What a precious description you have given us of your set-apart-time with your Lord♥

Crista said...

What a wonderful reminder of priorities. Yes, I can pray while I fold towels or knead bread. But how much better to have a time of stillness and focused prayer first!


Amy said...

What a beautiful post! Your passion and hunger for God just jumped off the screen when I read your words. I just discovered your blog the other day, and I look forward to catching up on your posts!

American Niqabi said...

A great post and it's definetly true!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Anna, you have pricked my conscience. This has been a hectic few weeks in our household, with so much to get done, that it has been easy to excuse myself by thinking, "Well, I pray as I do things." This has served as a reminder to me (and I'm sure to others) that "the longer road is actually shorter," that time spent alone, focused only on God, reaps beautiful rewards that make everything else easier.

God bless you.

Jeni from Canada said...

I do the same thing too! As I am going to sleep at night I pray that the Holy Spirit will get me up at a good time the next morning. And yes, it usually works too!

åslaug abigail said...

Oh =) very powerful reminder,

this is what I used to do. You know, even not being able to set an alarm clock, just praying before going o bed that I'd wake up first.. =)

The Lord's been nudging me for a while, and I miss the sweetness of my days started with Him, even if the laundry and bathroom cleaning is sooo tempting (I love just getting up and start working, but well..).

Tomorrow at sunrise, I hope the world will find me at His feet =)

Jessica said...

Thank you so much bless my heart in so many ways, and I truly appreciate the encouragement to spend more time with God, basking in his love and peace. As a young wife and soon-to-be mother I am constantly encouraged by your lovely posts. Shalom, may your week be blessed!


Homemakers Cottage said...

Beautifully said (and lived), Anna. I too find so much strength, comfort, and joy in prayer. It makes all the difference in my day. I'm not necessarily a "morning person", but I've found that it pays huge dividends to rise early and start my day alone with the Lord.

Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage

Neuropoet said...

Beautiful post Anna... thanks for the reminder. :)

Mrs. Lady Sofia said...


Thank you for sharing this wonderful post regarding prayer!

Prayer is something that I struggle with constantly! If only I could be as dedicated towards prayer as you are, but alas, I have a long way to go, sigh!

Anyway, thanks again for the lovely encouragement.

~Mrs. Lady Sofia~

Jasmine said...

Prayer is so powerful; thank you for this beautiful post. Lovely.

messy bessy said...

This is my experience too. I was interested to read that you don't set the alarm clock but often can wake early anyway -- this is not true for me!

However, I try when I pray at night to make a resolution as to specific things I want to do for Him, as a result of learning His will in prayer. And since sometimes these are things that I'd not want my husband or children to read, it's not always OK to write myself a note. Instead, I just ask the Lord to remind me. He ALWAYS does, even though the resolution was made the night before, usually when I'm pretty tired. He wants me to keep my promises to Him!

Marytoo said...

I love that early morning. No one comes to the door, the phone doesn't ring, no one wants anything from me. It's prime time!

Sheri said...

This is so beautifully written Anna... oh how I treasure those quiet moments too; alone with our Heavenly Father.

Leah said...

Beautiful - mornings are my special time with the Lord; I love the peace at the break of day, no other 'noise' but HIS heart and mine; it's SO important to my day.


Anonymous said...

So very true, Anna. Our God is so good, so patient, ever ready to give that peace you've described. Thank you for sharing a bit of your prayer moments with us.