Monday, April 26, 2010


A flowering cactus.
These flowers come and go so quickly - I know this one will probably be gone tomorrow, so I hurried to capture it on the camera.
A clothesline beneath the grapevine.
And homemade pizza, fresh out of the oven. I had lots of leftover dough, which I rolled out into several more pizza crusts and tucked away into the freezer - for an occasion when a quick meal is needed, or we simply feel like having a pizza night on the spur of the moment.

Hope your day was just as lovely as mine!


Tracy said...

That flower is so pretty, as is the picture of your laundry. I LOVE seeing laundry hanging on the line.

momto9 said...

your clothes line looks to be in a beautiful, inspiring spot. You must have a scenic yard judging from those big rocks. do you live on a mountain?

Luci said...

Beautiful pictures! The pizza looks delicious.... yum. :) I may make some extra pizza crusts to freeze tonight - what a great idea for a quick, nourishing meal!


Mrs. Anna T said...


Yes, our settlement is located among mountains/hills, and we have a beautiful view. We're so fortunate!

Truefemininity said...

That pizza looks absolutely scrumptious!
And I love the sight of a line hung with fresh laundry! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

It looks like today really was a good day. :o) It's blessing to be able to find the joy in small things that many people overlook.


Amy said...

Very pretty!

Susan A said...

the pizza looks delicious... I wonder what kind of vegetables and cheese you used? Could you share a recipe? (only if you have the time) :)