Thursday, July 15, 2010

I couldn't resist...

Even if you don't like cats as much as I do, I know you will love this picture. :o) At first, when I went out and looked from afar I thought I'm seeing a furry cushion and didn't understand what it's doing on the neighbors' front steps. Then I realized it's a bunch of kittens all piled up on top of their mother and nursing.

* It's very hot and my feet are swelling, but it seems my brain is swelling worse. :o) I keep thinking about all the things I plan to do until the baby arrives. Shame it doesn't go much beyond thinking!

* The baby did flip and is now head down. Let's hope it remains this way. On the other hand, they are now trying to drive me into pressure over the fact that the baby is "too small for gestational age". Remember, officially I'm 35 weeks along, and even though I estimate it's about two weeks less my own evaluation and even ultrasounds are just ignored. And then they wonder why I don't fit the charts!! I kind of envy those of you who told me their stories about switching a health care provider and being much better off. Where we live, we're sort of stuck with whoever is the resident ob/gyn.

* Anyway, I can't believe we're going to have a baby so soon. Just can't wrap my mind around the concept. It's mind-bogglingly miraculous!


Matushka Anna said...

I just *love* kitties! What an adorable picture!

Prayers for you as you tiptoe towards the end of your pregnancy.

Becky said...

LOVE the kitties! So cute :)

"It's very hot and my feet are swelling, but it seems my brain is swelling worse. :o) I keep thinking about all the things I plan to do until the baby arrives. Shame it doesn't go much beyond thinking!"

I am due around the same time you are, and I am feeling the exact same way!

Miss Kelsye said...

Sooo Cute:) If you baby is not really 35 weeks they could pressure you to have a c-section at 41-42 weeks according to their date. Even if the baby is really only 40 weeks old and is doing fine and you are right on track, it's their date that they will go by. I will be praying for you during this *extra* special time:)

Anonymous said...


All THREE times I have gotten into arguments with my doctors because they INSIST they know the moment my little ones were conceived and that they KNOW the due date. Sorry, no you don't. Only God does.

It always amazes me when they think they know the actual day, I mean how astonishingly arrogant is that? They will argue with you, even though it is YOUR body and you certainly know when something major happened.

Even my THIRD preganncy, they would argue with me.

For what it is worth, I was always told my Babies were "too big" and that I had to do all kinds of things to stop them from growing to fast. I told the doctors, "NO, you have the dates wrong, I KNOW when I got pregnant and I am not doing ANYTHING because you THINK I am wrong.

Each time, I was right. Not a single thing wrong.

Also, two of mine were the wrong way until about a week or two before I had them. They were just comfortable. I prayed and God turned them.

It is amazing, God really did design us to do this...if other people (most who have never even had a child) would get out of the way!
Unless there is some type of medical emergency, they should just leave pregnant Mothers alone to grow their babies. But they always have to interfere and cause problems. Of course, then they can bill you for them.

I would say that God will tell you if there is a problem and to trust the Lord. He is doing the work, He certainly knows what He is doing.

Sorry you are going through this. Perhapse you can "catch a cold" and miss a couple of visits so you can have some peace LOL.

Many Blessings :)

Lady M said...

We LOVE kitties around here. I literally have always had a cat in my home from the time I was brought home from the hospital as a newborn. I have seen many litters born and kitten antics are a joy to watch!

I am several weeks behind you in pregnancy (almost 28 wks) and I am feeling the heat here in WI, USA. I know it is not nearly as hot here as there, but the humidity is awful right now. Take it easy & ignore the doctors. As long as you are healthy & have no pre-eclampsia, I cannot imagine why they are worried about a "small for dates" baby (especially if the ultra-sounds say otherwise).

Mrs. Anna T said...

Miss Kelsye,

I suppose that is what will happen if I'm "overdue". Thankfully no one can force me into a c-section.

Gothelittle Rose said...

I feel doubly and triply lucky. Not only can I change my ob/gyn if I want to, but...

...when my doctor measures the baby, instead of saying that he's too small for his age, the doctor re-adjusts my due date.

He's well aware that the amount of time from End of Period to Ovulation differs for each woman.

My due date with Tricia was changed to 4/4 when he checked her size and adjusted his calculations accordingly. She was born 4/2 full-term.

Claudia said...

I've been thinking about you - it must be cumbersome being pregnant in the full summer heat, especially as with Shira at home you probably can't always rest as much or when as you'd like to. Just remember that in a few weeks you'll have a precious little baby in your arms, and the swollen feet will be better!

I'll be praying for your well-being and maybe a cool breeze! :)


Lisa said...

What a sweet picture! Thank you for sharing it. It put a smile on my face!

Persuaded said...

Ooooohhhh those kitties♥

I'm so sorry you're having to deal with those due date issues. I had a similar problem when I was pregnant with my first. I know *precisely* when I had gotten pregnant, but of course they felt they knew better. They wanted to do a C-section, but fortunately the doctor in the practice who was most "concerned" was unexpectedly called away for a few weeks. When he came back Louisa had just been born. hehehe God is good☺

Ace wrote: "Sorry you are going through this. Perhaps you can "catch a cold" and miss a couple of visits so you can have some peace LOL."

Anonymous said...

Just curious--what do they suggest you _do_ if they think the child is "too small for gestational age", since they're determined that they're right about the age?

Mrs. Anna T said...

Mainly, constant monitoring and lots of worrying.

Rose said...

Anna that photo is so sweet. Thinking of you all.

Miss Kelsye said...

They will want a detailed diet, a whole bunch of unnecessary testing, weekly visits and a whole bunch of fetal monitoring. They will only at last resort admit to their mistake and let you be free:) I am going over this in my midwifery studies and it seems that doctors do make a lot of mistakes about the due date, which is nothing more than an estimation.

Marianne said...

I am a crazy cat lady and love the pictures.

Oh Mrs. Anna --- I'm so happy for you and your family. I pray that you'll have an easy and safe birth.

Bless you.

Susan said...

I've been following your blog for a while now. The picture of the kittens is just too cute for words. I hope the rest of your pregenacy goes smoothly for you.

Anonymous said...

The kittens are so cute, Anna! You know that I like cats, myself....we have just the one tom...their antics are so amusing!

Take good care of yourself in this heat. Easy does it....a nice glass of lemonade doesn't hurt, either. :o)

all for now,

Anonymous said...


I simply LOVE this picture of the kitty cats with their mama. I love cats. We own four of them, ha!

Also, sorry the doctors are giving you "a time" about your pregnancy. I've had to learn the hard way that sometimes, doctors don't know everything.

Take care dear friend.

~Mrs. Lady Sofia~