Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Simple things

A simple dinner: pasta with tuna balls in tomato sauce. So many new recipes lately, so little time to post them!

And, believe it or not, my hospital bag is already packed (well, except for a couple of little things!). I know it's early, but I feel more comfortable having it ready to go.

Wishing you all a lovely day,

Mrs. T


Anonymous said...

Well now I'm hungry lol! :D Those look delicious! I forgot about tuna meat balls, haven't had them in years! Thanks for posting, I can dig up the recipe online.

I always feel better being prepared a day or two early myself for anything. I ca't stand anything last minute too :)

Thia said...

I'm laughing. I'm 39 weeks today and I don't think my bag is half packed! I guess I should make it a priority? I was unable to do laundry for a few days and there are things that need washing before they can go in. Hoping to get that done today along with a quick trip to the store. Then I'll be ready.

Lisa said...

Goodness Anna!

With all the pictures you post of delicious looking meals that you've made, you could start another blog entirely devoted to your recipes!

My tummy is growling!

shanie said...

that looks yummy! for all the fancy-schmancy recipes i make, my hubby most often requests his simple favorites (breaded porkchops, oven fried chicken, past ,etc)... he says it's just so comforting!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! Anna! You MUST post this recipe! I've never heard of tuna meatballs before. They sound delicious!

Lisa said...

Anna, are you using fresh tuna, frozen tuna, or canned tuna for these?

Mrs. Anna T said...

Lisa, I use canned tuna because that's most easily available here.