Monday, September 20, 2010

It's a new day

Just taking advantage of a few spare minutes to tell that all is well, and we are adjusting to life as a family of four. Days pass in a sort of a blur, that's how busy we are around here. I must say, I'm now wondering how come I don't remember, from those first days/weeks with my firstborn, how easy things must have been with just one baby around. ;o)) I suppose that's what you call adjustment. ;o)

In the meantime, things continue to roll on, with laundry done, and meals made and served (I'm so grateful to the neighbors who brought the timely and thoughtful gift of homemade meals in our first days at home), and dishes washed, and a little cleaning and yard work thrown here and there... and some moments of respite throughout the day.

Two playmates in the back yard.


The last of the kittens. All her siblings have already spread out and left, to find their place in the big wide world. She sticks around for now. 

Thanks to everyone for your kind and thoughtful notes you sent via the blog and email. I will try to reply to all who emailed me, but right now time is rare and precious and I simply need to prioritize... I'm sure you understand. 

I'm wishing all my Jewish readers a very happy Sukkot, and remain yours truly,

Mrs. T


Rose said...

How lovely to see a post from you Anna during this especially busy time. Shira i a real little girl now, now a baby any more.

Bonnie said...

Oh wow, Shirah has grown so much!!! I still had this mental picture of a baby in my mind!! Aww so cute :) and so is the kitten :)

Am glad to hear you are doing well!

Thursday's Child said...

One of our kittens looks just like her! Her name is Muffin and her sister, an orange tabby, is Pancake. Can you tell we were probably hungry when we named them? The Diva has to go and find them every morning and they follow us to the bus stop.

Something tells me that you've got yourself a cat. Girls and kitties are pretty inseparable. ;)

leah Brand-Burks said...

Yes, Anna, I thought the same thing! My second son is now 4.5 months old, and his older brother was 17.5 months when he was born. It is a BIG adjustment for sure! You will do it, and do it well. Just take these days one minute at a time. Can't wait to hear a name ;-)

Anonymous said...

God's blessings on the little family. Keep matters simple! Time for nourishment for the soul and body, and rest for the weary.

Misty said...

Congrats on the new little one. I can't belive how big Shira is. How precious. We are very excited about Sukkot. Our sukkah is still in the works. I simply can't wait for the first night. Enjoy the week!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new baby girl! I am also awaiting my new baby these days :=)

Have you decided on a name yet? It would be lovely to hear what you decide. Happy Sukkot!

Jules, Norway

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new arrival! All the best for this very special first weeks of welcoming your precious newborn daughter into your family.

I came across your blog about half a year ago when "googeling" recipes with cottage cheese... by the way I did make your "leftover cottage cheese cake" and loved it ;-)
Ever since I bookmarked your blog and came by every now and then. When you published that you are having another baby, I started visiting more regularily, as I was pregnant with my second one too. More similarities - I had another girl too. My second daughter was born in June and the last three months went by like nothing...

I very much enjoy reading your blog, keep up the good work!


Karen said...

Enjoy the time with your new lil bundle!! Don't forget to take lots of pictures of the new baby too because they tend to get lost!

Carol said...

Enjoyed your pictures and your post. God bless your growing family! I discovered your blog through a link from Sue at Simple Living.

Matushka Anna said...

I hope you're doing well during this special time with your newborn! These days are so sweet and pass by so quickly.

I also wanted to let you know how lovely and inspiring your blog is!