Monday, October 25, 2010

Among the things I love the most

Tiny hands and feet of babies.

Bathing babies and the fresh scent of their skin.

A cozy nursing spot.

Laundry on the line blowing in the breeze.

Cakes in the oven, soup on the stove.

Homemade gifts - clothes, books, furniture.

A pot of tea on a rainy day (not that we've had many of those lately...).

Everything quiet, calm, soothing, nurturing that has to do with home and family. What a privilege it is, to be part of a family and to have a lovely little home.


Lady Anne said...

Ah - my favorite things! Fresh clothes off the line, and fresh bread in the oven. I think that is how Heaven must smell!

A Joyful Chaos said...

The simple little pleasures in life really are the best!

Susan said...

Anna, My youngest is 15 and I still missed the slippery softness of a freshly bathed baby's skin wrapped in a snugly towel.

Stacey said...

What a beautiful portrait of home. Blessings to you and yours!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Yes, Mrs. Anna,

These are the delightful things of life!

Stam House said...

beautiful! Home is the best place to be!

xoxo, Chloe said...

Home is where the heart is :)

Anonymous said...

These are, indeed, good things, Anna. Blessings abundant! :o)


åslaug abigail said...

*What a privilege it is, to be part of a family and to have a lovely little home.*

How beautiful said, you won't mind at all if I write it on pretty paper and hang it up on my wall, will you??

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog =)

aaslaug abigail

Mrs. Anna T said...

åslaug, I would find that very flattering :o))