Sunday, October 10, 2010

A ray of sunshine on a rainy day

A beautiful gift of flowers, from my husband to me.

Flowers fade quickly, which is why I'm thankful for being able to capture them in a picture (and in my memory).

The days of our lives - with all the details that seem so mundane - are as precious and soon gone as these flowers. Equally worthy of being treasured and kept with all the memories created in between.

Today is a lovely day, and I'm about to log off, to enjoy it fully together with my children.

Thank you for all your sweet and kind notes in comments and emails. Hope your day is beautiful, too.

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momto9 said...

These are precious times...this season of motherhood! I'm so glad you know to enjoy relish it. That is why I read your blog..that one thing we have in common except it took me a lot longer to learn that...and more children:):)
Have a ownderful day!