Sunday, November 28, 2010

Product review: a skirt from Kosher Casual

I was recently contacted by Kosher Casual with the offer to do a product review for them, and happily agreed. A few days ago, this skirt arrived by mail, and after I spent an entire day wearing it, I can most definitely say I'm very pleased with it.
It's a full-length, flowing A-line black skirt. The fabric is light and pleasant to the touch, and wonderfully fitting for warm weather - which is great for Israel, because warm weather is mostly what we have here :o). I'm usually wary about ordering clothes online because it can be difficult to picture exactly how this or that item looks in reality, but this is a classic item that, I think, would look good on just about anyone. The waist is stretchable, which makes the skirt great for pregnancy and postpartum as well.

I know this is going to be something I wear often, and feel great while wearing it.

I'm lucky to be living in Israel, where modest clothing is popular and readily available in many chains. However, I know this isn't the case for some of my readers. If you live in a place where modest clothing is hard to find, and you don't sew, it might be worthwhile to check out Kosher Casual. The clothes and accessories they offer look great, and the prices are very reasonable.


Leah Brand-Burks said...

Nice to know! It looks comfy. Also, pretty bedspread ;-)

Anonymous said...

Anyone who lives in the U.S. and complains to you about how hard it is to find modest clothes is exaggerating. It is true, there are lots of immodest clothes for sale at stores, but dressing modestly (and inexpensively) has never been a problem for me.

Katy-Anne said...

I loved the look of their skirts, but unfortunately they only offer them in skinny mini sizes.

Aaron and Amber said...


I think it depends a lot of where you live and personal levels of modesty. We live in a very country area, and usually have no problems finding nice modest clothing. But I also lived for a time in CA and it was a lot harder. But I also have a higher level then even many in our I said, location is a big thing!

Beka said...

Wow! What a lovely skirt. Wearing modest skirts are so comfortable and pretty. I'm sure your daughter will love wearing skirts as she grows up :)

Katy-Anne said...

Anonymous, you are right. I am VERY picky about modesty and it's NOT that hard to find really long skirts and modest tops, despite all the complaining I hear.

I have found that people just enjoy complaining, and that that is usually what the problem is. My mother in law complains that it's hard, yet she has lower standards than me and has access to even more stores than I do.

Now, if you wear ONLY baggy denim jumpers and long modest skirts are not good enough for you, you might have a little more trouble. But there is still plenty for everyone on websites.

I am just so tired of hearing people in the US complain. We are so spoiled here and don't even realize it. I was born and raised in Australia, and it's rare to even find a store that sells skirts, let alone long ones, and if they do they cost a fortune. Those here in the US need to stop complaining and just shop at the right stores or on the internet.

Diana said...

Love the skirt. I love the simplicity of the design. It's very hard to find modest clothes where i'm from but thankfully i am quite handy with the sewing machine so it's easy to whip one up ;)


Jo said...

I have been buying skirts from in the USA as I can't find what I want in Australia. I have bought some lovely long skirts that are excellent. It is very hard to buy long skirts in the city I live in. I also use eBay.