Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Our friend Rose, in Australia, is a talented knitter and has an exceptionally generous heart. Not long ago, we received a surprise gift from her and her family, which was a delight to us all and which I would like to share here with you.

This is one of Jenny's dolls. If you, like me, have been following Jenny's blog, you sure like her doll creations. Shira calls this one "Granny", and it's perfectly soft and squishy, and just the right size - not too bulky for a two-year-old to handle. It is hand-made from natural fibers in Jenny's home in Tasmania. Its little cardigan was knitted by Rose.
The painting below was done by Rose's talented husband Tony. It's postcard-sized and looks just perfect for a postcard.

Below, you will see samples of Rose's outstanding knitting. Whenever I see her work, I wish I had more time to improve my knitting as well. But, for every thing there is a season and hopefully, my time will come as well.
I hope your day is as beautiful as mine!


Star said...

Yes it is thank you and if you pop across to my Blog today, you will see my gorgeous new grandson in his first video.
Loved the little doll your friend knitted.
Blessings, Star

Mrs.Rabe said...

How lovely!

I do love Jenny's blog and her dolls - what a special gift!

Bethany Hudson said...

That purple cardigan is stunning! Sophia has a doll similar to the one you received which is a "Waldorf" doll and used to belong to a dear friend of mine who passed it down to her. So sweet!

Jo said...

What beautiful gifts to receive in the post. It must have ma your day. The card looks goo enough to frame and put on a shelf.

Anonymous said...

The gifts are sooo cute. ^_^
I know they will see a long happy life of usefulness.