Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rainy day

The past two days, the temperatures dropped and we finally have had a good bit of rain. Today, it was windy, stormy and very cold (for Israel :p). We bundled up in many layers - I'm currently wearing two sweaters and two pairs of socks, one of them thick. The view in the picture above, in case you are wondering, is from our living room window.

It was a lovely slow day. Rain means we're staying inside and there is no romping about in the yard and no hanging clothes on the line, but there are plenty of things to do inside the house - reading aloud, drawing, cooking (which provides the bonus of warmth without the additional cost of heating), writing and crocheting (while there was still enough light).

In the area where we live, even a little rain often means problems with the flow of electricity. With today's thunderstorm, we spent most of the day without electricity at all. It got dark pretty early, and so it was time for alternative measures.

I lit candles on the kitchen windowsill
And on the living room table.

Their soft glow was so warm and comforting.

Stories and songs, candied peel cooking on the gas stove and spreading delicious aroma through the house, and everything suddenly looking so beautiful and mysterious with candle light twinkling through the rain in the house across the street, too - it was wonderful, truly. I was even a little sorry when the electricity returned, although it was undoubtedly nice to get back to a world of bright light, where reading, writing and crocheting can be easily pursued on a long winter evening.

It's late, but many things still must be done, and so I will sign off. I hope your day was as beautiful as mine.


Mrs. T


Analytical Adam said...

Sorry to hear your electric went out but that is good news that Israel is getting rain because I heard they were in a drought.

Leah Brand-Burks said...

You made a dreary day sound so beautiful! You help remind me that every day, with healthy, safe, children and home can be and IS very beautiful!

Catherine P. said...

That sounds like a lovely day (even with the rain and lack of electricty). The glow of candles, smell of citrus and playing with your babies - glorious!