Thursday, January 6, 2011

Living offline, sleep deprivation and co-sleeping

Dear friends,

For the time being, we lost our internet connection, so it has been a while since I signed in (the last post was written offline and posted through my husband's work computer). It has been a pleasure to read all your comments!

Until we have internet again, I expect my future postings will be somewhat irregular, and I won't be very good at keeping up with answering comments or emails, but I'm still there. I do have to say that, even though I sure miss blogging, emailing, and my favorite recipe websites, being offline frees up time for other pursuits, something which is of immense importance in this busy season of our lives.

Anyways, I hope you all have had (or are still having) an enjoyable vacation.

As of a little update, I can tell you that we're currently going through a severe case of sleep deprivation. :o) Tehilla, who has been sleeping pretty well at night so far, suddenly began to prefer sleeping during daytime, and does not settle to sleep at night unless she's right by our side, and often likes to nurse through the night. We hardly had any sleep during the previous week but I'm holding on by reminding myself that, as exhausting as various stages of babyhood might be, they are usually short.

So far, I've been skeptical about co-sleeping, even though I knew it works well for some families. Shira had never shown any inclination towards it, and always preferred sleeping in her own bed. However, now it seems that co-sleeping is just about the only way either of us can get any sleep at all.

I hope to pass on to a stage of less exhaustion and more productivity, soon. In the meantime, I remain your tired but cheerful friend,

Mrs. T


Rose said...

Good to hear from you Anna, I trust that this intense stage will settle down soon. Enjoy your offline time.

The Professor's Wife said...

Praying for you Mrs. T! Sleep deprivation makes life very hard. Be sure to take naps when you can!

k. said...

That sounds very similar to my 1st child. We caved a co-slept for about 6-8 months, in the long run it did not matter where he slept, as long as we all got some sleep. To help curb the daytime napping we kept him in a very active, bright, noisy area and did our best to keep him involved. I also found The No Cry Sleep Solution to be helpful, as I felt all the other books were blaming poor parenting. This will pass, it may just take some time.

Audrey said...

I had the same experience with co-sleeping. With my first, she was independent and did well in her own bed, but my second is now 14 months old, and she is still very clingy and wants mommy all the time. Co-sleeping was the only way we got any sleep. Now I'm convinced co-sleeping is a survival mechanism for sleep-deprived mom! It's STILL the only way we get any sleep.

I hope this stage does not last long!

Anonymous said...

I have had some difficulty with my littlest sleeping well and have started reading this book at someone's recommendation:

I am only half done with it, but have learned a lot and have seen improvements already! :) The techniques are very gentle and loving in my opinion.