Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time management tips

During the last meeting in our homemaking classes group, we discussed the issue of time management. It was something I was really looking forward too, because time is a precious resource, and I don’t know whether I’m not very good at managing it, or perhaps there just isn’t much of it to manage.

Anyway, here are some tips I found helpful, and am implementing or hope to implement:

  1. Have a plan. It should include the important things you want to accomplish in the next day, week or month, but it should also be flexible and allow time for the unexpected. It should also be realistic, to avoid stress and delaying and piling up of things to do. Keep in mind that planning takes time, but it’s time well invested and saves more time in the long run.

  1. Make clear priorities. Focus on the important/urgent things, don’t stress too much over things that can wait or aren’t necessary. This of course sometimes requires a change of outlook. I used to regard ironing as necessary, but must confess that I haven’t ironed a single item since Tehilla was born.

  1. Look whether there are things your husband and/or children can help you with. You don’t necessary have to do everything by yourself.

  1. Try to get the things you like less out of the way as soon as possible, preferably at the beginning of the day (for me, those are always the dishes – I try to wash them as soon as possible).

  1. Work on avoiding or limiting time guzzlers such as TV, the internet, and people who drop by on unexpected long visits or exhaust your resources of time with long phone calls (unless talking on the phone doesn’t interfere with what you are doing at the moment, such as peeling potatoes or pulling weeds).

  1. When you have a big project to accomplish, spread it out to small, manageable tasks, and just keep doing the next thing.

  1. Try to recognize potential trouble/challenge, and provide a solution in advance (“the children will be bored while I’m making dinner, I’d better provide quiet entertainment”).

  1. Work with your pace and your priorities – not someone else’s.

That’s it for today; I hope to come back from the next meeting with more useful tips. Oh, and I would like to clarify also that currently, I don’t read the comments on a regular basis – my husband publishes the comments from his work computer, so if there was any confusion that’s the reason. Thank you for understanding.   


Sharon said...

Thanks. I can always use tips on managing my time. Even though I've been married 26 years, this is still not one of my strong points.

Kimberly said...

Oh I hate long visitors! It's fun to have people over, but if they're at our house for more than 2 hours it really starts to cut into my time for everything I had planned for that day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these tips! I'm printing them right now!


Amy said...

Thanks for these postings from your Homemaking class. They're very timely for me; I really need them right now. Take care,

The Professor's Wife said...

I especially like #4 and #8!

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing the tips on time management. I have a tendency to make a long list of what I want to get done for the day and then feel frustrated when I don't get everything accomplished. My husband recently pointed out that I will have a list of 10 to 14 things to be done and that realistically, no one could get all those things done in one day. I am going to try to estimate how long a particular task will realistically take and limit my lists to what I can reasonably accomplish in one day. Otherwise I am setting myself up for a feeling of failure. Like you said, we need to work at our own pace and according to our own priorities.

Elizabeth R said...

Thank you for sharing these. I love the idea of Home Ec classes for grown women who are ready to learn more than "how to boil water" or "how to sew on a button" although those are important for those who have not had the opportunity to learn. I would love an opportunity to learn more advanced things - make the most of it and please keep sharing!

Elizabeth R.