Friday, April 29, 2011

Pics from Pesach

This year, we had the chance to visit some of the far-off corners of our little country.
 Above: a magnificent view over the lake of Kinneret, at Tiberias.
 A single boat and some rafters (I think) in the distance.
 The wineries at Kfar Tavor (a tourist village at the north of Israel). If you enlarge the picture, you might be able to see the names of the grape varieties.
I don't know what this bird is called (it's seasonal around here), but it's really pretty, isn't it?

All pictures were taken by my husband, who has a wonderful eye for photography.

I hope you all are having a wonderful spring, and remain your affectionate friend,

Mrs. T


Anonymous said...

What beautiful photographs. Thank you for sharing them.

Analytical Adam said...

The pictures are very nice but overall I am very disturbed how Passover is just about spring cleaning and going on vacation as I really think your husband and you miss the point of Passover and this exactly why I really dislike the religious world as they are so self centered and the men care only about money and making their wife happy which to a certain extent is fine but not as a whole existence. Is intended that the corrupt male religious leaders and their immoral wives want selfish people who don't think about anything but themselves or see themselves as victims which they aren't.

I didn't have a happy Passover but why should "religious" care about anybody else.

It should be a time we care about reducing enslavement not going on vacation.

But the culture in the religious world is to only have men that like to mistreat other men more or less and don't care about anyone but themselves. It has been 17 years that I have had passover with my parents and the religious world gets pleasure to see boys mistreated and it must be all my fault. After all the bible is very sexist so we have to make up for this by mistreating Jewish boys.

It would be nice if men in the religious world actually cared about bigger issues but the religious world seems to like selfish men as it makes the women happy when men are immoral as it pushes their agenda. They only care about making money and having a good time on holidays and making their wife happy which OK nothing wrong with that but if that is their whole existence I don't think it is the way a true Godly person should behave and certainly not to use Jewish holidays just to go on vacation and think you are holier just because you cleaned your house of Chametz which if after that if you are just going on vacation I think you miss the point of why we don't eat Chametz (Leavened Bread) anyway.

Campaka said...

I love your blog! Thank you for keeping up with it even with no home internet. :o) The bird looks like a red wattled lapwing. We have so many of those here in India.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Adam, you assume a lot of things about us, not many of which are justified. I won't even bother contradicting you. Sorry you didn't have a good Pesach.

Avigayil said...

I LOVE those birds and also don't know what they're called. But the markings are so striking!

Mui said...

Very often when I read your blog, I wish I will be able to visit Israel some day soon. Beautiful!

-Marie-Eve from Montreal