Saturday, April 30, 2011


As you have noticed, I began blogging more regularly again, thanks to the fact that the problems we've had with our internet connection have been solved. Thanks to you all for bearing with me, and my apologies to all those who asked questions in comments or sent emails and got no reply within a month or two - if it's still relevant, you are welcome to write again.

The following pictures are also from our Pesach vacation. We were driving by in Kfar Tavor, and saw a row of rose bushes in all imaginable colors along the road. The afternoon sun was so bright and golden and the air was so sweet, and the roses bloomed so luxuriously. It was one of those magical moments, you know, the ones you want to hold on to forever. I know there is no way I can convey how it felt to us back then, but here are a few snapshots my husband took. 
 Perfection in pale yellow,
 and red.
I hope you all have a beautiful day, and a wonderful week to come.

Mrs. T


Rose said...

How nice to have you back online Anna dear.

Beautiful roses! Tony grows a number here including that lovely lavendar coloured one in Mr T's photo.

Leah Brand-Burks said...

Gorgeous! God surely is the master artist.

Cherish said...

The lavender rose is lovely! I don't often see roses that aren't red or pink.