Sunday, May 1, 2011


 Above: a bouquet of flowers my husband brought home last Friday. Placed in a simple clear glass jar, it still adorns the center of our living room table, and the pictures and memories will be there long after the flowers fade away.
 The area we live in abounds in natural beauties we never cease to enjoy. Above and below: irises growing in the wild. White and gold. Purple and gold. Perfect.
 Ruins of... some building? I'm not sure, but one of these days we'll take a hike and look at it up close.
My friend Avigayil wrote a fabulous post on how contact with nature affected her children. I must say, I feel so blessed to be living in a beautiful rural area, surrounded by peacefulness, quiet, and a gorgeous mountain view. We also have a yard, a small one but you don't need much to enjoy the feeling of having your feet (and hands!) come in contact with earth.

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