Monday, May 9, 2011

Independence Day

I'm not sure how many of my blog readers know this, but here in Israel, Memorial Day for fallen soldiers and victims of terror is coupled with Independence Day, meaning that today is Memorial Day, and tonight we're already going to have fireworks and celebrations. I've always felt that there is something profoundly right in this bittersweet order of things, especially here in Israel, where joy and sorrow often go hand in hand. 

So, a very happy Independence Day to all my Israeli friends and readers. I hope you have fun celebrating tonight and tomorrow, and hopefully, we'll have some pictures to share later.

Your friend,

Mrs. T 


Thia said...

Thanks for sharing that. My thoughts are with Israel.

wendylf said...

Happy Independence/Memorial Day. Our family will be remembering and thanking the L**D for the nation of Israel today and His bringing back together as an independent nation.

Wendy In New Mexico

Emily Rosenfeld said...

Looking forward to pictures!